Half Fat

It was another great Fat Tuesday last night with all the acts doing a lovely lovely job and a crowd that were very much up for a good show. Its so nice when you get that ideal combination of things. I get the same feeling of satisfaction when I combine a banana with a peanut butter sandwich or if I were to combine the Loose Women with a wood chipper. There was an interesting range of jobs in the crowd last night too. For a start the man dead centre in the front row was a journalist for Zoo magazine. It was interesting how much of a boo that got. Both from women and men who thought they should probably boo incase the women turned. As soon as we asked what department he worked in and he replied films and games, suddenly all the men were jealous again. Fickle fickle creatures us men. Anyhow no matter how much I might not appreciated Zoo or Nuts, I think its pretty unfair when women boo it. My girlfriend occasionally reads Heat, Now, Shite or one of those other ones and they are filled with just as many women in bikinis and retarded articles about ‘My husband raped a ghost’ or some other crap. Personally we just scrap all these papers and start handing out Proust at newsstands until the world becomes a base of knowledge. Or very bored people. 

Oddly the second person with a weird job threw me a bit and helped me die a bit in the second section. This lady at the back who we had already established in the first direction was Polish, then turned out, in section two, to be a stripper at Stringfellows. Now there are probably half a billion comedians who would have a brilliant response to that, but rather strangely I just got a bit embarrassed and flustered trying not to say anything too rude. It was saved only by our regular audience member shouting out ‘She’s a pole dancer’, which was lovely. I still felt a bit shit at not being able to retort in usual fashion. Then after a storming first section where I did lots of new material about snowy times, my second section just sort of petered out and became a bit rubbish. I am now going to spend today writing ending stripper gags incase that scenario ever happens again. It won’t and I will clearly have wasted my time. 
Going back to Stafford tonight for hypno man Tony once again. Should be ok for the driving, lets hope the students aren’t as racist as last time.