Against the Odds

Lots of dead snowmen in our street today. Its a sad site. Bits of heads missing, eyes melted out. Sometimes its tough living in such a rough area. My half snowman never stood a chance as I made him on top of our car. Then I drove to Muswell Hill. Somewhere in Crouch End his snowy body was smashed to smithereens. I would have wept for him, but I feel a tear of water would have just been a rather mocking tribute. 

I didn’t go to Swansea in the end last night. I was told by 3 different people that I really really shouldn’t go. I was still contemplating it, but then during my drive to Muswell Hill, my little car skidded three times and I decided that any further journey will be like a not fun motoring version of dancing on ice. Just without Holly or Phil, and instead a dead and frozen me. I don’t like being dead or cold so I’m pleased I stayed at home. Of Tony made it there all ok. He didn’t even ride a bear or anything. He just drove. That made me feel massively weak and like the sort of human being Ranulph Fiennes would spit at in disgust. Although Tony did say that the only lunatics on the road were him and his friend, so I can’t imagine I would have coped with the journey without hitting the passenger brake at least 200 times. 
Using my night off wisely, I forgot all about writing this show I’m meant to write and instead played the new Resident Evil 5 demo online with Mat. I still have nightmares about Resident Evil 3, so with even better graphics and techo-things, this game was bound to be terrifying. I have such a stupid childish imagination and can’t really cope with feeling like I’m in a horror film, but still decide to put myself through it. It was horrendous. Even playing with someone else online I still ended up doing the thing I did when I was 8 and standing up and jumping, moving the controller in the direction I needed to go and feeling out of breath when chopped in two by this freaky dude with the chainsaw:
Its a horrible, terrible damaging game and I can’t wait for the full length version to come out so I can spend hours sitting in the corner of my house waving a kitchen knife wildly incase the zombies attack. 
I’m going to go outside now. It feels like even a small journey is an achievement in this weather. Its not, but I’m fully prepared to believe it is. Fat Tuesday is happening as usual tonight and I will make a special effort of telling everyone that we have succeeded despite the weather, even though it really hasn’t made anything harder than it should be. I like the snow. It makes us all feel like champions for skiving from work and making snowmen that die. More snow please.