I’m quite looking forward to my long drive to Liverpool today. It gives me time to use all my new car gadgets that haven’t been put through a proper trial yet. The first is my new itrip that plays my i-pod through the car radio. It finds a free frequency and transmits all your tracks. Its a brilliant device and works very very well. Except in London, because there are too many bloody pirate radio stations. Radio pirates are fairly dissimilar to real pirates. There are less parrots and more grime. They could possibly wear eyepatches but I wouldn’t know as they are on the radio and I can’t imagine hooks would help with all the equipment. Which is why Abu Hamza doesn’t have a radio station either. Although it could be good for scratching records. I mean actually scratching them. 

I have listened to lots of pirate radio in my time although only an incredibly small portion of that has been on purpose. Generally they like to barge into whatever you’re actually listening to then play music you don’t really like in very poor quality. Even if you do like the music the radio DJ’s often seem to forget they’ve just put a track on as they like to do ‘shout outs’ all over the track. Luckily pirates don’t live on the motorway. If I do suddenly I miss the constant fuzzy interference I’ll start shouting random names over each song whilst having an inability to pronounce consonants. 
It’ll be my first time in the ‘pool since it is no longer the European City Of Culture. I wonder if now they don’t have to impress everyone they’ll have torn up ‘La Princesse’ for scrap metal and used the bronze coin payment to return to buying rabbit ears and chips for hen do parties. I’ll report back tomorrow.