Virtual Twittering

My website is finally up. I am very excited that I now have a virtual presence. I feel I am now in league with the rest of the world. It has lots of stuff on it too. Luckily other people have given me their opinion and the amount of stuff on it has become restrained. The possibilities of what you can do with a website are far too vast. I’d quite like to put up pictures of all the animals that make me laugh but apparently thats not professional. And it would take up too much webspace. I’m very pleased with what’s up there though and I hope that the four people that look it at will like it too. If you fancy having a peek, then its at 

I’m not sure why but I’ve also joined Twitter. People have been telling me how great Twitter is and all the things you can do with it and those people have clearly been lying. Its sole purpose seems to be status updates, which you can do on facebook and spying on other people’s status updates, which you can also do on facebook. Somehow someone has created a site entirely based on a bit of facebook. Is that even allowed? I mean points for gall and all that but its bit rubbish. The worst thing is, is that while I may enjoy seeing status updates on FB, its possibly the most tiresome aspect of the site. Things popping up all the time telling me someone is tired, bored, looking at a shoe, changing their religion, is cold, is hot, is doing something else thats massively meaningless to you and the rest of the world and no one really cares. Now with Twitter this one aspect is an entire reason for a site. Its like they want to waste your life away. 
Still, I am hooked. I’ve already added two incredibly pointless status updates today that are of the calibre that makes me hate others. I’m am basically just building up self-loathing. Maybe that’s all Twitter is. Some sort of device to make everyone hate their own worthless lives to keep moral low for some sort of conspiracy so the government can prey on our insecurities. I might send that theory to people and get them all scared. BarackObama is now following my updates apparently. Maybe we should be scared. Or maybe he realises just how integral I am to the changes that need to happen in the US. 
Considering how important I am, why not follow my crap at:
Bring on the self-hate!