No Funny Here

The problem with promising yourself you will write a daily blog is that sometimes, like today, my brain is so tired and vacant that there is little to write about. Nothing rubbish happened yesterday and in fact it was pretty good day overall, which sadly makes it very dull for everyone else to read about. I’ve never found having a good day so bad. 

Last night went all too well. It was odd because there was a point in the evening when all the acts were there, the show had sold out and everything was running to time and I almost felt panicked that there was nothing to panic about. This is clearly some sort of mental issue. That feeling didn’t last long, because as the show started everything ran so ridiculously smoothly. The crowd were stupidly great, all the acts stormed it and even my new material worked. Even the bits I’d written that afternoon about the inauguration worked. Thats just not right is it?If it wasnt that they were so great I would have started to think that the audience were idiots. Or robots with canned laughter programs. They loved everything. I shouldn’t complain about that, but its really all I have to go on. Yesterday was so good that the only bad thing I can find is that the audience were too good. I’m sorry. Next gig I will break our spotlight or accidentally stab someone in the audience just for you. 
People with good lives must be horribly boring. I can’t imagine having a chat with someone who only has stories relating to how good things are. I bet Obama’s having a good day although he did only get to spend ten minutes at each ball he had to attend after his inauguration. That would be crap. If I became President the first thing I’d do is drink my face off at the best ball and go round hugging people shouting ‘I’m the President! Woohoo!’ If anyone complained I’d send them to Death Row. He really should do some of that. Then of course I suppose his life would be too good and his blogs would get dull. I can empathise with Obama entirely.