Food Glorious Food

Last night my cousin, her boyfriend, me and Layla all went for a meal at a place called Jai Krishna in Stroud Green Road. Jai Krishna is a legendary vegetarian indian restaurant that has been rated as one of the best in London since the 60’s. Amazingly they have not changed the decor in nearly 50 years, and all the chairs and table are the sort that you might find in a community centre. Instead of a waiter coming to take your order, they give you the menu, a pen and a pad of paper and you do it all yourself. Basically, they know they make amazing food so they don’t give a shit about any of the rest of what is expected from a restaurant. They’re not rude, in fact the people there are lovely, they just don’t mess about and do what they’re good at. I like this about the place. Of course it only works because the food really is amazing. They couldn’t operate the same attitude towards the service and have crap food because it would fail. Although I once went to a place in New York where all the waiters and waitresses were on rollerskates. Frankly, I didn’t care what they gave me to eat, I just sat there waiting for them to fall over or drop things. They never did and they even had to go up and down steps at times. I left in a combination of awe and disappointment. 

I eat a lot of curry yesterday. Its hard not to eat a lot of curry sometimes. After two weeks of healthy eating, last night’s meal was almost like a quick gasp of edible oxygen. It had vegetables in it so I also feel like it might have been a bit healthy. Surely vegetables in any format must be better for you than no vegetables at all? If you weigh up the odds drinking a bottle of tomato ketchup can only be healthier than eating a twix? 
Speaking/typing of food, and I have been, Louis was extremely disappointed that I did not discuss his soup in yesterday’s blog. He doesn’t seem to understand that in the world of Jack Bauer there is no time for soup. If Jack ever stops to make soup, let alone eat it, then the world would be at risk. You never hear him shout ‘Goddamn it, we have to find the soup!’ Louis doesn’t understand this and would much prefer that thousands of innocents die because he is a selfish prick. 
However good food does deserve a mention. My friend Luke’s mum once made a lemon drizzle cake for us all to eat at our student house in Uni. It was so good that my friend Mat wrote his mum a two page A4 letter expressing his gratitude. It was that good. 
Louis’ soup wasn’t as good as the lemon drizzle of all time, but it was all that you want in a soup. Smooth and soupy but with the occasional chunk of parsnip to mix it up. Squash, parsnip and other stuff I didn’t ask about mixed with some spicy stuff and seasoning. Served with some bread that was nice and spreadable Lurpak which is the only way to eat butter. Why on earth would you buy hard butter when you can buy spreadable? Although that little dude with the trumpet would look like he had brittle bone if he was made of spreadable and I guess we have to think about these things. 
On a non-food note and instead shamless self-publicity (linked only by both being forms of gluttony), my solo show London preview is now online and you can buy tickets and everything. The London date will be a panicky mess, but I would love some support and people to tell me what is shit. Twenty-eight people on Facebook say they will be there, but I suspect some of them are lying. Facebook does that, it provokes lies. The thought does not count on Facebook. 
The Leicester date is also online and will be better. Here they both are. 
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