This Is The Longest Evening Of My Life

How amazing is it that 24 is back on? Last night using the illegal powers of the interweb I watched episodes 1 to 4 of the new season 7 and I can’t stop being hyped by it. Season 6 was pants but they have really brought it back with this new season. So far (no spoilers, don’t worry) there has been a suitable amount of violence, deceit and Kiefer Sutherland switching between being shouty and then pulling a sad expression and saying ‘oh’. That is exactly what I want from a show. 

Jack Bauer is quite possibly one of the best and most hardcore fictional characters that television has seen. He could probably take out the A-Team, Knight Rider and Street Hawk (the shit one on a motorbike, with a great theme tune) and then afterwards he might cry about what he’s done because he’s human like that. I’d like to be like Jack Bauer. I have a CTU t-shirt that I got a few years ago. I used to wear it and run round Finsbury Park shouting ‘Give me your bike, I can’t tell you why. You’re gonna have to trust me’ which used to really scare kids. I am no longer allowed in the park, which is lucky because I can’t run anymore either.
I got really upset one day when at my then day job at a housing association, two contracts said ‘for a laugh’, ” CTU? I’ll CTU mate.” Ha fucking ha. I took one out with an elbow to the face then used his body as a shield while I shot his friend in the leg demanding they tell me where the bomb is. I didn’t do that, I just got a bit sad. 
Thats what the show does to my imagination though. I have the 24 soundtrack and I can’t play it when driving or I tend to drive like I’m on a mission. I love it when stuff affects me in that way, but I am slightly too susceptible. I spent ages trying to climb walls after Spiderman 1 and 2 (not 3, that was the most terrible movie in the history of movies, ever. Jazz dancing? Come on.) and last year after gong to see Mary Poppins with Layla’s nieces and nephews, I spent the rest of the week singing about everything at home. Layla was partially deaf in about 2 hours. In fact its really lucky that after seeing Slumdog Millionaire last weekend that I haven’t become a petty thief. Although I did download the 24 episodes so technically I am in the eyes of that man with the branding iron, and he is one angry man. 
One whole evening taken up with 24, I’ve only just started on the Wire, and Heroes and Lost start again next week. When will I have time for anything anymore? Perhaps this is someone’s mass conspiracy to infiltrate my mind and use subliminal images to make me kill the president. I’m off to go hide in the cupboard till the posty arrives and I can torture him for information.