Sunday Productive Sunday

I woke up this morning and wrote two new sketches and some jokes. I’m not sure what has spurred on such creativity but it could possibly be that today I am not hungover which helps everything. Maybe 28 is a creative age especially when not full of booze. The sudden motivation I have acquired is pretty well timed as I have my first gigs of 2009 tomorrow and one of them is the lovely Old Rope. Old Rope is a great gig for trying new material and until this morning I didn’t have any. Lets hope I can write a couple more as a 30 second set isn’t really what anyone is looking for. I’m hoping several hilarious incidents happen to me today and tomorrow just so I can recall them in a witty manner. We are having lunch with Layla’s family later today, perhaps I should start a food fight or go dressed as a monkey or something else that’s droll but would be liked by E4. 

The rest of yesterday was a write off as predicted, until about 8pm when we dragged ourselves to the cinema and watched the critically acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire. I’m never quite sure what to think when things are critically acclaimed. I have the image of reviewers as the sort of people that feel they have to find something to pick on a film for otherwise they are not doing their job. ‘Yeah everyone loved it but the bloke in the background on the 16th scene is wearing a shit t-shirt so I’ve only given it 4 stars.’ At the same time if they have written lovely things about a film, I always wonder if they’ve been paid to do that, because there is no way Australia can be a 5 star film. I mean just look at it. Go on. It looks shit. 
I’ve discovered the best method is to text my film buff friend Stefan. He currently directs and makes short films, watches ridiculously vast amounts of films and if he could, would probably eat films. Although it would have to be in Super 70 or something like that and with a healthy sauce. 
He recommended Slumdog Millionaire and I can safely say its one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. Sad in bits, uplifting in others, funny and well acted and directed. There is little you could critiscise about it. I tried to do a criticy thing and find one bit but Layla said I was being fickle. Another great aspect of the experience was that it was an over 18’s screening of the film only which means no arsey kids were shouting things like ‘Bo’ and ‘Na man na’ when someone took a gun out on screen, and they weren’t throwing popcorn at people as though they were trying to make the cinema experience that little bit more like the Krypton Factor. Well done Vue for being judgmental and ageist.