Day Of Pain

Sorry for two brief blogs in a row, but predictably I am in massive amounts of hangover pain today. There were a number of things I was planning to do today and none of them were lying on the sofa holding my stomach and head and being a massively pathetic loser. I miss the days of youth when I could drink enough to kill a horse and then wake up the next day feeling chipper and jumping over lampposts. Now even a few pints causes my body to feel like I’ve been thrown off a bridge and my brain to feel like someone has chucked buckets of shit off the same bridge and by unlucky circumstances all of it has landed inside my head. 

It was a top night though and the pain is wholly worth it. Drinks with a few good friends in a small bar in Islington called Slim Jim’s. I’d like to recommend it but then you might actually go and I quite like how hidden away it is. It felt almost like it was our own secret speak easy. In fact it took a while to find it because its barely marked. It makes it feel like youve earned a drink by using orienteering and detective skills just to get there. Sadly lots of other people did find it and it was all a bit ruined. Why other people felt they should come out on a weekend and talk and stuff in my bar that isn’t mine but I wish it was, is beyond me. Bastards. 

Thanks to a few of my friends I am now a member of the Blu-Ray club. I’ve spent today watching the Dark Knight look even darker and knightier than on those ancient DVDs or tellys or things. I am so HD ready now, which is handy because HD is already here so surely being ready now is a bit pointless. I mean being ready before its arrived is fine, but now its here cant we all just go HD now or do we have to stay in the revving up phase? What’s very sad is that while I really want to enjoy the blu-ray experience the even brighter and clearer pictures were not designed for the eyes of a hungover man. Those vivid colours are about as good for a headache as a hammer in the face. Its a present that has somehow also become a weapon against me. I wonder if that was planned. 

Speaking of which looking at the computer is making feel sick so I am going to crawl back under my duvet until everything stops being bad.