Itchy Feet

Last night my girlfriend and I went for a nice dinner and evening with two of our friends. It was a top evening that involved several of my favourite things: beer, food, looking at Blu-Ray things on an HD TV, and playing Xbox with Terry while the girls talked about boring grown-up things like sofas, the credit crunch and weddings. I don’t understand the need to chat about that sort of stuff when you can play World at War and shoot at Nazis in a virtual 1944. Its almost like you are really there, just without all the really bad stuff or the real bits and the trauma. I mean, actually its not at all like you are there, but after 40 minutes of playing I still felt a bit like Remembrance Day is a little bit about me and the way I used a flamethrower to burn a Japanese soldier out of a tree while Keifer Sutherland’s voice told me to advance.  

What more could you want? Well there is a small part of me that wants to gig. It was far better than doing a gig in most ways and yet after two weeks of no gigs and no more gigs now until the 12th I’m starting to get anxious about getting back to work. Is that even remotely normal? Why the hell would anyone want to get back to work? Even if your work is so much better than other peoples’ work and other peoples’ work smells and is super boring in comparison? I haven’t disliked being at home at all. My sofa and me have become the best of friends and there is a permanent bum shaped depression on one of the cushions that I fit into like a booze filled jigsaw piece. I really don’t understand why there is a weird part of me cant wait to drive 200 miles to entertain people who pay money to watch comedy even though they don’t understand jokes. It sounds nuts but I have itchy feet. Although that could be athletes’ foot. 
So the new Doctor Who is a child? I reckon he looks Doctory so we should be ok. What I don’t get is that after doing a degree, a masters and then a doctorate you are normally well old, so he must be hella clever to qualify that quick. Also how on Earth did he get such a normal name in the world of acting? No initials in the middle or anything! There must be a lot of other Matt Smith’s that hate his eyes right now, and not just because they are so sunken it seems as though a hoover has been put on the back of his head and pulled them in. Still I’m looking forward to seeing what he does, and pray it isn’t just squeeze spots and get excited cos he has some stubble.