Demonstrating and Doctors

I’ve just returned from the Stop Gaza Massacre demonstration in central London, hence the lateness of today’s blog. It was an incredible event, with the 55,000 people turn out proving that many are horrified at Israel’s barbaric attacks over the last week. We marched from Embankment to Trafalgar Square and then listened to some of the brilliant speeches about the action that needs to be taken. Then I chickened out and went home because I was freezing and I wanted to find out who the new Doctor Who is. 

This sort of prioritising makes me often feel guilty that I am doing it all wrong. I started out today with all the right intentions of showing support for the people suffering in Gaza and left because I couldn’t take being a bit chilly. Its a sort of middle class supportiveness which lasts only as long as I am coping with it, which isn’t really good enough. I often wonder if its that sort of selfishness that has played a part in my apathetic generation. When I was at uni only a handful of people travelled to London for the Stop The War marches, while most others couldn’t be arsed and preferred to get drunk in the uni bar instead. The illegal war was only second place to £1 vodka shots and shit music. In fact the only issue I remember anyone being bothered about at that time was the ‘Legalise Marijuana’ march. It wasn’t even much of a march as after a few smokes everyone decided it was easier to sit down anyway. Then after a few more spliffs passed round everyone had forgotten what they were there for in the first place. 

I’m pleased I went today and I hope that the disproportionate and illegal airstrikes on Gaza are to stop soon. For those of you that care, keep your eye on for the next demonstration and see you there. 

On a lighter note, I was sadly sucked in to Celebrity Big Brother last night. I really hoped it wouldn’t happen, but then they went and put Verne Traya in there and no one can avoid the antics of a famous midget. I think its the clever tactics of any dying program. Put Verne Traya in something and people will watch if only to see his difficulty in getting up stairs. Verne Traya should be employed to star in anything that needs attention to it. Perhaps what the British financial system needs is Verne Traya in charge of the Bank of England. They announce the new Doctor Who in ten minutes. I am holding out hope that Verne will be named and they’ll have to get a tiny ramp so he can ride K9 into the Tardis.