Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know Ever

Do you know everything? Tiernan definitely thinks he does. Luckily for you, he’s chosen to share his knowledge by answering some of the most important questions children need answers to.

He knows what the universe is made of, why you can’t run with scissors but hairdressers can wave them in your face, how hard you have to jump before you can’t come back down, how the bubbles in fizzy drinks are put there and why trees.

An hour of very silly comedy for kids, adults, robots and things that go ‘yargle’. If you like Comedy Club 4 Kids – you’ll love this!!

He had delighted giggles running round the room The Telegraph *****

Tiernan is never patronising and has a fantastic rapport with the kids, generating plenty of laughs for both them and the adults alike. Three Weeks *****

Definitely knows more than I do.Encyclopedia of All Stuff Ever

This was my solo kids show that I toured around the UK through 2014/15 to many lovely bonkers children and their families. It was an hour of pretending to the children that I knew the answers to everything and using slides and jokes I’d answer various important questions with nonsense results. Children would often call me out on it, or provide crazy answers themselves. There were also pictures of yaks. The point of the show was that even if you didn’t know all the answers, it didn’t mean you were stupid and that imagination is just as important. I had an awful lot of fun doing it.