Tiernan Douieb VS The World ★★★★

Tiernan Douieb VS The World

This month I’ll likely see over 30 hours of stand-up. But few, so very few, of them will speak as Tiernan Douieb does. Quickly abandoning the conventional – and frankly, stale – routine about holidays and getting older, he begins to speak about politics. Not like the out-of-date “Fuck Thatcher” political comedians, or the throwaway one-liner ‘Mock The Week’ style; Douieb jokes extensively in a developed manner, on the previous day’s riots, the referendum, and the student movement. His set is at times touching, and he is able to see past the anger of the moment and articulate an emotional response humorously. With this fresh style and material he blows so many other Fringe comedians out of the water