EVERYTHING MARKED WITH: Tiernan Douieb Vs The World

Tiernan Douieb VS The World August 20th, 2011

This month I’ll likely see over 30 hours of stand-up. But few, so very few, of them will speak as Tiernan Douieb does. Quickly abandoning the conventional – and frankly, stale – routine about holidays and getting older, he begins to speak about politics. Not like the out-of-date “Fuck Thatcher” political comedians, or the throwaway […]

Tiernan Douieb vs The World August 20th, 2011

Tiernan Douieb’s political awakening, the raison d’etre of his latest show, could not have happened at a more apposite time. Though it started in the spring, its summer airing coincides with a society jolted into asking a lot of questions about itself after the recent riots in England. While he understands those who take the […]

Tiernan Douieb VS The World August 16th, 2011

Hitherto apolitical and a perennial contender for the title of most affable person in comedy, no-one, least of all Tiernan Douieb, would have foreseen his Fringe hour becoming quite so spiky with zeitgeist. Plenty of comics are adapting shows in the wake of the England riots. And he’d already lost his naivety the hard way […]

10 Edinburgh questions August 10th, 2011

1. What is your show about? Its about how I spend hours every day using extreme willpower to restrain my super human like abilities from destroying the Earth in one fell swoop, hence the title. Or, its about how much I hate our government, and the exploitation of human rights and needs across the globe. […]

‘There’s been a mixture of emotions in the bar as news comes in of another building being destroyed’ August 10th, 2011

For everyone performing at the Edinburgh Festival, sparing a thought outside the realm of the Fringe is a rare occurrence. Heads are usually far too flooded with how shows are going, and where to next have booze. It’s a self-contained bubble for August and it’d not seem unusual if some sort of Third World War […]

Interview with Get Comedy July 25th, 2011

1. Tell us about your show and what inspired you to write it? What isn’t it about, more like? Eh? Eh? Well its not about shoes, liquorice or hairstyles in medieval times. It is however largely about how fed up I am with the world at the moment and the people running it. This came […]

Edinburgh Preview July 21st, 2011

Edinburgh Spotlight Preview July 11th, 2011

Tell us a little bit about your show – where’s it happening, what’s it about, why should people come to see it? My show is a combination of words, generally in sentences – with occasional mavericks heading out by themselves for more impact and then grouped together in paragraphs and said by my face to […]