Interview with Get Comedy

We caught up with Tiernan Douieb between his time spent writing and performing long enough to ask some questions, and dammit did we get answers...didn't we?

1. Tell us about your show and what inspired you to write it?
What isn’t it about, more like? Eh? Eh? Well its not about shoes, liquorice or hairstyles in medieval times. It is however largely about how fed up I am with the world at the moment and the people running it. This came about from a combination of the government ruining this country over the last 12 months and me actively getting involved in tackling it for the first time in my life. Its also a little bit about dragons.

2. Can you describe it in 140 characters?
Tiernan takes on the world like a political vigilante – politiante. That sounds like a very friendly insect or relative. Its not. Much rants.

3. Why should we go and see it?
Why shouldn’t you go see it more like? Well you shouldn’t if you’re a big stupid head. If you’re not one of those you should definitely see it as it contains many of those joke things combined with a small man trying to make a point about things.

4. If you had to compare your show to a film or song, what would it be and why?
It’d be Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons. This is partly because I am a small hairy dude growling about things. It’s also because I’m the mane man. Arf.

5. Do you have any specific goals you’d like to achieve performing at the Fringe?
Yes, I’d like to score 6 goals in the comedians vs critics football match. Or even just one. Just one goal in any football match ever. In my life ever. I probably won’t even get picked for the team though.

6. What do you love about Edinburgh that makes you come back year after year?
The beautiful cobbled streets and the castle. There’s nothing quite like walking out of Waverley station at the beginning of August, seeing that and knowing you’re back in town.

7. Is there anybody else’s shows you really want to see at the Fringe?
Loads and loads. Very much looking forward to Colin Hoult’s new show, and the new production by Theatre Ad Infinitum. Also Carl Donnelly, Tiffany Stevenson, the excellent Jigsaw, Carey Mark, Keith Farnan, Glenn Wool, Isy Suttie, Josie Long and Craig Campbell to name but a few.

8. Where would you be in August, if you were not in Edinburgh ?
At home, crying and wondering why I’m not in Edinburgh. Especially as I’ve paid for accommodation, train fares and to put a show on. Something will have gone terribly wrong.

9. What is your favourite ‘pub’ joke (please credit the comedian where possible)?
My fave pub joke is Paul Tonkinson’s one:
What’s the difference between a kangeroo and a kangeroot?
A kangeroo is an Australian marsupial. A kangeroot is a Geordie stuck in a box.

10. What new adventures do you have planned after the Fringe?
I’ll be searching for the lost ark of the covenant, then the city of Atlantis before searching for the Mayan City Of Gold using the help of a giant golden condor. And I might go to the zoo as well.