Nice Blog Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the title of this show, but I was not disappointed.

From the title I thought I’d be in for a bucket load of silliness but it was far more than that. Douieb’s show is filled with heart and amazing facts from different astronauts about their thoughts on space and the world after going to space.

Packed with jokes along the way, Douieb’s show makes you think about life and what we are doing to Earth as a planet which let’s be honest, we don’t stop and think about enough. This was different to most comedy shows and I loved that. Douieb bounces across the stage in a NASA spacesuit whilst spouting words of wisdom.

Do not walk into this show late looking for the whinging Australian though because you will get ripped to shreds.

Tierman Douieb performs at The Liquid Room Annexe Aug 8th – 30th. This is a free show just show him love at the end (with a fiver)