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A Year In Review

I was hugely chuffed to be asked to write some looking back at 2017 & 2018 political predictions for politics.co.uk’s Year In Review. Mine is very silly (surprise!) alongside some actually good ones from some very clever types. Have a read and have a very Happy New Year! http://www.politics.co.uk/comment-analysis/2017/12/29/year-in-review-the-hangover-from-2016-drags-on

Romesh Ranganathan’s Hip Hop Saved My Life Podcast

I was chuffed to be asked by Romesh to be his last guest for 2017 on his Hip Hop Saved My Life podcast. It was a lot of fun to record and I think there’s as much chat about hip hop as there is complaining about other people at live gigs and things like that. […]

Miserably Happy Filming – November 19th

I am performing my most recent solo show ‘Miserably Happy’ for the last time at 2 Northdown in Kings Cross on November 19th. I’m also going to be filming it so please come and fill seats so the filming doesn’t look all weird with me just shouting at an empty room. Tickets are £5. https://www.tickettext.co.uk/tiernan-douieb/tiernan-douieb-miserably-happy-19112017/

A Complete Waste Of Time

A Complete Waste Of Time

I’ve barely left the flat today. I would like to say I consider this a success. The weather outside is, I would say, unhappy. It’s not terrible and angry and full of rain and bluster and thunder. It’s just grey, drizzly and generally not keen to be out of bed on a Sunday and so […]

Flight Mode

Flight Mode

Flying home from Copenhagen on Friday…. yes, I’m starting a blog like that. Yes that is exactly how I want to appear. Like a jet setting international comic who flits around the globe like a mirth explorer, a merchant of hilarity. In reality of course, I did one gig in Sweden which was ok and […]

Gig for Lincoln’s Legs in Cardiff

This is a nice article about the lovely gig I got to do with Frankie Boyle and Francesca Martinez for Lincoln’s Legs. Lincoln is a proper champ of a kid and hopefully the money raised will help keep him mobile. http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/15526469.Frankie_Boyle_gig_raises___35k_to_help_appeal_for_boy__39_s_operation/

Classic Hero Stance

Here is an article for the British Comedy Guide about my thoughts on Netflix and Marvel’s The Defenders. It was written while I was at the Edinburgh Fringe so a) I hadn’t seen the show yet and b) I was hoping this would help plug my show. Still though, it was fun to chat to […]

Broken Winging It

Broken Winging It

I’m not sure when as a kid I got my first inkling that grown ups didn’t know everything. I’ve got a feeling it was when we were on a family trip to the US about 1992ish. Yes that’s a bit vague but my parents would save up each year, for a few years in a […]

Day Of Radio

My brother, The Last Skeptik, hosting a radio show for The Quietus’s #DayOfRadio yesterday. I guested on it a bit, as well as Reader and Awate. If you wanna have a listen, you can hear it on Mixcloud right here: https://www.mixcloud.com/the_Quietus/day-of-radio-the-last-skeptik-and-friends-7pm/

Blog: Mind Fringes

Another blog. Still about comedy and EdFringe stuff because that’s what’s on my brain at the mo. Have a read: https://www.tiernandouieb.co.uk/2017/08/mind-fringes/