June 2016 T-Mail


Dearest T-Crew*


I hope this finds you all well. Or at least some of you well and the others bearing up with only grumbles and a stoic inability to tell others that you’re well because that’d be too easy and not promote much conversation. Personally I’m a big fan of responding to people asking ‘how are you?’ with something like ‘Yeah good. Except for/But/Well I shouldn’t complain but…’ just to ensure that they don’t think I’m being smug in how great my life clearly is** but at the same time can probably say something like ‘that’s not that bad’ after whatever not very dire thing I’ve said, so that I feel much happier about it. Just a few life hacks for you there. Though of course the biggest life hack, is an axe in the face. See also: Strawberry is my new jam.


June June June June. Ah June, with your grey skies, further possibility of one of the world’s most powerful countries being ruled by either a dead behind the eyes, corporate, pro-war puppet with stupid hair or a ludicrous lying moron with stupid hair and a decision as to which direction the uncertain future for the UK shall go. How am I? Oh fine thanks. Mustn’t grumble. Except for*** all of those things I’ve just said. Especially all the EU nonsense that has now got to a point where I almost don’t care what the outcome is, as long as all the campaigners on both sides that have been spouting fiction are all sad with it. Why isn’t there a ‘halfway in’ aka Duke Of York option on the ballots so they can all lose?


Anyway, I think I’ve begrudgingly decided to vote for In after having spent far too much time looking at everything. It seems all the things I don’t like about the EU (globalisation, furthering the ease of corporations to have more power than governments and greater access to cheap labour) is what the Remain camp want to keep and all the things I like about it (environmental policies, free movement, worker’s rights) are either ignored or vilified by the Vote Leave camp. So ultimately I’m just going to vote for whichever idea I hate less. Ah democracy eh?


Other than that, this month is some fun and games****. Here are some of those fun and games*****.



Some of the August dates that I’m supporting Frankie Boyle on are on sale here (check the bottom of the list of dates of shows at The Phoenix). Be super quick though cos they’ll go like hot cakes:





Speaking of EU nonsense, I’m taking part in a politician free panel debate about the referendum on June 16th in Whitstable as organised by Simple Politics. It’s politician free as in there will be no politicians there, not as in you get a free one for attending that you can take home and put on the mantelpiece. Thankfully. Imagine how horrible watching Question Time would be with a mini-Michael Gove shouting at you from behind a picture frame? Urgh. Anyway, if you’re based in Whitstable, come along. If not, you can watch it online.


All details are in this video where all the vowels in my surname appear to have played musical chairs: https://youtu.be/UAT8lu1xc9k



Here’s a short set I did at Lolitics in Camden on May 17th on the EU referendum and the London Mayoral Elections, if you fancy a listen:






In lieu of doing Edinburgh this year, I am half embracing the festivals again in June and July. I’m doing kids comedy at most of them, because it means I’m then finished early and can see the bands I like while drinking. There are a couple I’m doing the stand-up for grown ups at too. So if you’re coming to any of these do say hello:


June 4th – Wychwood Festival – Kids and adult comedy

July 1st – Godiva Festival – Adult comedy

July 23rd – Deer Shed Festival – Kids comedy

July 23rd – Blue Dot Festival****** – Adult comedy

July 30th – Camp Bestival – Kids comedy and a talk in the literary tent about doing comedy.


Fingers crossed my wellies can stay in the boot of my car for another year.





Obviously you’re all subscribed and listening to my weekly podcast, Partly Political Broadcast. Obviously. The one that you can find on iTunes here: http://apple.co/1THB5KW or on the website with RSS feed and other non-iTunes things here: http://bit.ly/1Vrdi6u. Of course you’re all subscribed to that and listening avidly and telling other people you know and like to listen to it and review with 5 stars on iTunes. So because you’re all doing that, I’m also on a few other podcasts this month that you might like to wrap your lugholes around. Or you know, listen to via headphones like normal smaller eared people might do:


Challenging Opinions – This is a politics podcast by William Campbell, mainly for US and Irish audiences. On episode 24 I tried my best to explain the EU referendum. I don’t think I did very well. You can find it here: http://apple.co/1XPXhHw


The Madness On Planet Earth – This is the new podcast from brilliant comedian Nick Revell and very funny comedian and former Labour councilor Ben Powell. Episode 1 has myself and also very funny Grainne Maguire as guests and we discuss many important political things such as ‘Does stupid hair make someone evil?’ Find it here: http://apple.co/1Pkn8WK


Wendy Wason’s Words Of Wisdom – Wendy, who is another excellent comedian and voice over artist and actress and everything, interviewed me about things I know. Which wasn’t a lot. Have a listen here: http://apple.co/25ywW3r


The Box Set Pod – I’ve plugged this on the T-Mail before, but it’s a lot of fun. Hywel and Jamie host a chat about a different TV box set each week. I sometimes join in and say things, including last week where I said I didn’t like C4’s Flowers******** and everyone got angry with me. Check it out here: http://apple.co/1WYSapt





Soon. Yes, I know this is becoming like the tomorrow of the Iceman Cometh, but hopefully, it should actually be out later this month. You’ll get a little bonus******** T-Mail as soon as there’s news.





The Live BBC Comedy Classroom broadcast that I was part of is online here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/14QM7N5x5qfVsjdvkqqjrbp/comedy-classroom-live-lesson I’m going to be part of the Comedy Classroom at the Telegraph’s Festival Of Education on June 23rd too if you’re at that and want to know things about captions. I mean, who doesn’t?





Think that’s it. Again, I’m all over the country from Bristol to Brighton and…no, I don’t think I’m anywhere else beginning with B. But yeah, do check the website for all normal gigs: https://www.tiernandouieb.co.uk/gigs/


Otherwise see y’all in June when we’ll either be in, as forecast, a post apocalyptic Brexit recession hell or covered head to toe in EU migrants, who are all in the garden, and in your butter and down your trousers, after we’ve chose to Remain. Good luck team and see EU later.**********




* No. I don’t think I’ll use this one again either.

** It’s not. Though I do currently have some fancy popcorn in my house. It’s really fancy.

*** SEE? It’s brilliant isn’t it?

**** No fun or games.

***** Ok. Maybe slight fun. But still no games.

****** Yeah eagle eyed beagles, I am doing two festivals in one day! You just try and stop me working myself into the ground! What’s that a holiday? Ah to sleep perchance to dream.

******* I have only watched one episode.

******** ‘Oh great, two T-Mails in one month! How exciting!’ said no one, ever.

********** Cos it’s like, if it’s a Brexit it’s a ‘see you later’ as a goodbye. If it’s a Bremain it’s a ‘see you later’ like, cos we will, cos we’ll still be in it. Brilliant eh? Guys? Hey wait come back guys! Wait!