Greeting T-Timers

I hope you are all well. Yes, even you, despite what you said on the bus about that man. I’m sorry to say that by now you’ll have heard that I didn’t win any Oscars. Nor was I even nominated for one. Nor was I even in a blockbuster film in the first place. Or even a non blockbuster* one. It’s been a tough year of sorts. I’d have thought I’d at least get mentioned in the list of artists who’d died in the past year, especially after my gig at the Blackwood Miners Institute back in October. Oh well. I’ll try harder next year.

So here we are, in March, despite February trying to muscle in on it’s time with a bonus day. How did you spend yours? I like to think that it’s 24 hours of entirely free no strings attached time. Like an extra life added to my year so it’s even longer till my next birthday. That doesn’t mean I didn’t waste it doing completely pointless tasks like thinking of rude tweets to send about Sam Smith**, but at least I haven’t wasted a real day on that. Like I will the rest of the year.

So look, there’s not a lot going on this month for me, not for a lack of trying. What that means is this month’s T-Bulletin doesn’t have a lot of meat on it, and the meat it does have on it, probably isn’t FSA approved. I’m not even sure why I’m using a meat analogy as a vegetarian, but it feels wrong to tell you this email doesn’t have much Quorn on it, and it’s quite hard to not regulate Quorn. Try it. See? Really hard. It’s like the Warren G*** of food stuffs.

Oh and the unsubscribe link is finally back on my website if you don’t want these emails anymore. It magically disappeared for a while. Sorry about that and I promise it wasn’t just hoping for an email version of a hostage situation where maybe over time you’d learn to love me. Promise.

Here’s March’s lack of meat:


A large portion of my life at the moment is dedicated to writing, recording and persuading you lot to listen to my podcast – an incredibly time consuming product to not earn money from. I’m clearly an idiot. However I’m having a lot of fun doing it and I’m getting to interview some very interesting people who actually know about things in politics. So far I’ve spoken to a junior doctor, a professor of economics, a disability rights researcher, an EU policy specialist and a housing journalist. This week’s episode has two Cambridge professors who are researching EU migration and tell me all about it without the headlines, hyperbole & made up facts we’re getting from everywhere else.

The podcast iTunes link is here:

And if you don’t like iTunes then the link to listen/download them is here:

I’ve also secretly been putting them up on Soundcloud because I just want people to hear it. But iTunes would be best as the more people that listen to it and review it on there, the more iTunes stick on their front page and publicise it for free.

So if you have listened to it and enjoy it, please do give it a nice review on there and if you could also persuade others to listen to it, that’d be great. I can’t quite justify spending a whole day a week working on it if it’s just me subscribing to it. **** If you don’t enjoy it, then don’t do any of those things, obviously. I can’t tell you what to do. I’m not your dad.


I’m back at the lovely Welsh festival again this year. I’m not doing Edinburgh or anything else so this will just be a mish mosh hour of new stuff, the occasional old bit and probably me saying several times ‘this doesn’t have an end yet’. If that sounds like your cup of tea then pop along. I promise it will, at the very least, be fun. And yes, I’m aware I spelled ‘thought’ wrong on the blurb and it will bother me for the rest of my life.*****


That’s it really. There’s all the gigs I’m doing, as always, at:

At some point soon I’ll hopefully be emailing you about the filmed version of ‘The World’s Full Of Idiots, Let’s Live In Space’ which is currently being edited.

Oh and I got really bored and made this:


  • Another fun podcast that I’ve guested on recently is The Box Set Pod. It is, as it says, all about box sets of TV shows/films and is a fun hour of silly chat. Worth a listen:
  • Speaking of podcasts, since starting one, I’ve been listening to loads and there’s great stuff out there. Check out: Scienceish, The Beef And Dairy Network, Adam Buxton’s Podcast, The Comedy Score, The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast, Mystery Show, Skylines and The Guilty Feminist.
  • One of the few bonuses of pretending to be a creative person is that sometimes you get things like advanced copies of books to read. Horror writer Jason Arnopp kindly sent me his latest ‘The Last Days Of Jack Sparks.’ I blitzed through it in a day and a half unable to put it down. If you like writing that’ll put chills down your spine in a funny, modern way, get on the case:
  • My brother has been stupidly busy, producing the beats for some of this: and making this disturbing video with Jordan from Rizzle Kicks and Himanshu (formerly of Das Racists)
  • A blog about PR things:
  • This, by Kit Lovelace, is a brilliant effort:

That’s it for March. I’m hoping to spend my free time consuming as many Easter Eggs as possible in the aim that if you are what you eat, I’ll become like a weeble and never fall over. Enjoy Zombie Jesus Weekend****** and I’ll plague your inbox again next month when the Spring has finally arrived, if we’re lucky*******.

Over and out


* I have made several attempts to campaign to be an Ewok in the new Star Wars films, or previously, to be a Hobbit in the background of any of those ones. So far, no luck, so I will now settle for an indie flick. And I don’t mean a hipster twanging my ear. I mean one of those films where nothing really happens but there are ironic subtitles and people in Portland, USA, open a coffee shop in tribute to it where they drink coffee and sew things.

** This or this because lets face it, that song was truly awful.

*** I only recently discovered that the G in Warren G stands for Griffin. Like the mythical creature. Or Peter. Do with that information what you will. See also: Adele’s surname is Adkins.

**** I know there’s at least a few of you listening which is great and the comment left on iTunes today – in response for me asking people to write anything, even just the word ‘buttress’ because it’s funny – made me very happy:

***** A life that is now one day longer thanks to stupid February. Damn you February.

****** Sorry, I mean Easter.

******* Lucky if Spring arrives. Not if you’ll get my email or not. You will get that either way. Sorry.********

******** Not sorry at all.