Bonus T-Mail – Partly Political Broadcast

BONUS T-MAIL – Partly Political Broadcast Podcast


Hello you

Two emails from me in a month, what have you possibly done to deserve that? It’s ok, this is a just a brief heads up* about this:

I loved making the youtube Partly Political videos with Ben Hilton but sadly time and money** got in the way. So, the best solution, rather than to kill it off, was this: A Partly Political Broadcast Podcast.*** Episode 1 will be out this week and then it should be a fairly regular endeavour from there.****

So please subscribe on iTunes and give it a nice rating if you like it. If you’re not an Apple fan***** then the Podcast page on my website will give direct downloads soon.

Enjoy with your ears!


* So this isn’t for dogs.******
** A total lack of these things. Not that we were inundated with both and so got distracted by crack and beemers.
*** I like how annoying this is to say out loud. Deal with it.
**** Basically, regular until I realise how much of an effort it is to make them.
***** You must be surrounded by doctors all the time.
****** I know dog’s can look up. It’s a Shaun Of The Dead reference.