Brain Doodles

I’m in a rush today. In terms of time that is. I’m not trapped in a single leaf of a water based plant. I’d have to be smaller to do that. I wasn’t in a rush an hour ago, and then I realised as time has slowly ticked away that I had I planned today correctly, I would not be in a rush now. I am constantly amazed at people that forward plan. I do it a bit, but what I actually suffer from is, as my friend Mat calls it, an over developed sense of urgency. What this does is manifest itself in my head as though its forward planning, I then race off thinking I’ve got everything sussed, end up where I’m meant to be far earlier than I should be but missing whatever bit of paper or information I needed when I got there because I left it behind rushing out. Then I sit around bored in a place for a while till I’m meant to do whatever it was I was there for. I would be the worst hit man ever. Had I been employed to kill JFK, – and who says I wasn’t? Well me. And the lack of time travel. Were it to have a voice. If it did have a voice I believe it would mostly shout ‘there’s no time travel’ and be hugely monotonous until they day that time travel is invented and it’d get all excited, but during its new found excitement it would disappear from existence – I’d turn up to the grassy knoll at least a day or so before he was due to drive by and I’d have forgotten to bring a gun of any sort. So, yes, in a rush now, and much like yesterday’s blog, divulging in why I wasn’t responsible for killing one of the most iconic Presidents of the USA doesn’t help this rush whatsoever.

Neither has sitting on my bed reading, deciding to tidy my room, or doodling a small picture of a snail wearing a giant shoe. None of these in any way, has slowed down time and made me rush less. Maybe I should’ve doodled concentric circles or something more time slowing? At least snails are slow. Maybe that was the thought process behind it. Not that there was much thought or process behind drawing a snail in a shoe. Bloody love doodles. Its like your brain is sicking out through an ink pen. Or pencil depending on preferred doodle tool. Doodle is also an awesome word. Its has connotations of meaning something easy, much like doddle, only with more flair and ‘oooo’. Or not. I suppose Doodle is only bad when teamed with ‘bug’. I also find it annoying when teamed with ‘Yankee’. I like it rhymed with noodle and oodle. Oodle is not a word.

Oh god, and now I’m really late. Today’s blog has been nothing but a tepid splurge of brain. I do apologise. Tomorrow’s will be full of form and construct and people will take it and put it in museums and read it out aloud in parks. And lo, other people in those parks will get annoyed and find my blog and smash it up into tiny pieces with a hammer and lo, those pieces shall be spread across the Earth only to be discovered in 2000 years time when people are half human half space thingies and they will piece it together and ultimately realise that humans didn’t really evolve much at all until the 22nd Century.