Fringe Day 24: Blaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh

I can’t be arsed to blog today. If I could repeatedly type the word ‘blaaaaarrrrggghhhh’ over and over again, I would and it would give you an adequate idea of just how many words are left still in my brain at this point. This is very difficult to type today so here instead are some quick not very interesting points:

– If you tell a Cuban brother he’s not allowed to dance because he’ll be so good he makes everyone else look like a prick, he won’t listen. Meanie.

– Herbal Tea is the new comedy thing. Its not very funny though which may prove a problem.

– Colin Hoult’s ‘Enemy Of The World’ is the best show I’ve seen all fringe. FACT.

– My iPod works again. James Hingley is a saint.

– Stair races currently stand at 5-3 to me. Winner.

– How is the fringe not over yet? How?

– Can all journalists please stop putting our jokes in their reviews now please? Contrary to what they may believe, we have to use those again and again to get paid, it’d really help if you stopped writing them up and ruining them. So unprofessional. I will start to tell the news on my shows just to ruin your job in revenge.

That is really all today. Sorry for such a dogshit blog. I need coffee.