Fringe Day 17: Big Mess

If you ever hear me saying the phrase ‘It’s drink o’clock’ again, please kindly put an arm round me and cart me away to somewhere safe as its clear what will happen next is not in my best interests. To prove a point, today’s blog, at 3.45pm comes to you via some still very drunk fingers after an evening of boozy carnage where more mixing occurred than a DMC final. There were consequently moments of madness and drama that wouldn’t have looked out of place of an episode of Dawson’s Creek where I able to use as complicated words as those ‘teenagers’ did, and I, for the first time of the fringe, have no real idea how I got home. Awesome work the Douieb. As a result though, I’m really not sure how today will pan out. I have about 4 shows to do and wanted to go see somethings too, but as it is, I’m typing this whilst still in bed with little possibility of further movement for some time. I don’t think I’ve ever blogged in bed before. Its quite nice and it may need to happen again at some stage. Bedlog. Oh dear. I should really not type very much as I can only assume I’ll read it back at a later stage and feel disappointed that anyone even let me near an internet vestibule whilst like this. So here, instead, are some quick notes:

– Yesterday’s audience were a total 5* bunch of greatness. Despite the four very stoned dudes at the front (one left, one kept his head firmly in his hands as though he was going to be sick the whole time), it was more than made up for by the rest of the busy crowd. My favourite row where the Byrne family who were ace. I look forward to the annual Byrne family show visit and this year they were as awesome as usual. Even more so because they got rid of their pre-paid Arj Barker tickets to see my show instead. Hurrah!

– Comedy 4 Kids yesterday was not the easiest show, due to a smaller crowd as Scottish schools went back. However it was more than made up for by a small girl telling me she lived in space. When I enquired which bit of space, she shouted ‘Lincolnshire’. I always knew people of Lincolnshire were a tad alien.

There’s more, probably, but my brain is really not co-operating. I’m going to find things that will soak up the booze in my head. I may try eating a sponge. Sigh. Night in tonight. Maybe.