Brain Holiday Time

The comedy part of my brain appears to have shut up shop since yesterday. Yes, yes, ‘what do you mean only since yesterday?’ Har-dee-har-har. Seriously, especially as my humour gauge is waning today, it closed up its comedy shutters at around midday yesterday and it hasn’t yet come back. I wish it had given me notice or put a sign up before I spent 2 hours at Tom Craine’s house trying to do writing, but instead I sat there completely brain dead wasting time. The rest of yesterday was much the same and I have a feeling today will follow a similar premise. I think that all people who do creative type work ( yes, yes, ‘what do you mean creative?’. Har-de-har-har) should be allowed two days off every now and then as ‘brain holiday’ time. During this time we are only allowed to watch completely vacuous telly programs, read some fiction and go on Twitter without procrastinating from something else, and be allowed to just write status updates of what you are actually doing rather than a gag. If such a two day ‘brain holiday’ had been allowed, then I’d have taken mine several weeks ago, rather than when I need to write loads. Stupid brain, letting me down in the heat of the battle. I hope I never have to go to war alongside my brain as I can totally imagine it leaving me behind. Actually my brain can imagine itself leaving me behind, which goes further to prove it hates me. Stupid brain.

So I’m leaving this blog here today. I actually have nothing for you or for me. I suspect a large portion of today will be spent staring at the wall or maybe, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, going outside and staring at someone else’s wall. This could get people freaked out, so I’ll try and ensure I stay inside.