That Icelandic volcanic ash has given a lovely grey tint to the day. I woke up this morning and the skies seemed rather blue, which led me to believe that the airports were taking a tip from the Tube drivers and trying to get an easy day off at the expense of others. But now, it seems, London’s sky is back to grainy film noir colours. It could, of course, just be shit weather. Its the sort of miserable grey sky I have seen, pretty much everytime before. Which make you wonder, is it actually an ash cloud, or have the weather men finally decided they are sick of having it blamed on them so have conjured up a volcano just to escape further finger pointing and outrage that Spring has already finished? It probably isn’t that though, and to be fair, it seems like a lot of effort for Michael Fish to go through. Especially as I’m not sure he even reads the weather anymore, although what else could he possibly do? I hope, for his sake he has opened up a aquarium. That would be amazing.

I’m a bit delirious today. After a truly lovely gig in Narbeth, it took nearly four hours to get home last night. Not that long compared to some gig journeys, particularly as Layla valiantly offered to drive, which was really ace of her. However, this meant I sat in the back of the car, in the dark, eating some sweets, and consequently feel a lot worse today than if I was in the driving seat. It could be because not having to drive meant my brain shut down more than usual. It could be because all the sugar from the orange and chocolate fudge has eroded my mind. Or it could be because I tried to play the Robert De Niro game with Layla and Henning Wehn for a large portion the journey back. For those who haven’t read my previous blogs about the Robert De Niro game, have a lookie here:


It has easily become my favourite car journey game of late. However, I hadn’t yet played it with Henning Wehn who’s entire knowledge base is of German films. The only German films I know are Run, Lola, Run and some I didn’t want to shout in front of Layla. Arf. This meant that neither me or Layla could get any of the actors or films that he was giving us links for and that he couldn’t get any of the actors or films we were giving him. To make things worse, when he did get a film we knew, it would be one Layla didn’t know anything about such as The Terminator or other classic 80’s action flicks and the whole game would fall apart again. For a while it just meant that I was answering everyone’s rounds for them, the game was essentially stopping before it was started, and there were several times where I actually considered screaming. Oddly Henning seemed to find it fun, while Layla was trying to drive and me shouting ‘his first name is a religion and his surname is the term for a collection of hay’ didn’t seem to help. The game then changed to a more universal topic of country names whereby someone would say a country name and the next person would say a country starting with the last letter of the previous one. Pretty easy game huh? No. Because too many stupid countries end with the letter ‘a’. This is hugely selfish of them and after exhausting the supply of Australia, Albania, Armenia, Austria and several others it merely became another game where long pauses would ensue before a simple sigh of failure followed. Essentially, I decided there and then that playing car games is a stupid stupid waste of everyone’s time.

As such, my brain is dead today. Which is lucky as tonight’s gig has been cancelled. Hooray I say! ‘Boo’ says my bank. ‘Booray’ says someone who can’t pronounce Blu-Ray. I don’t know who they are or why they are shouting incoherently at me about types of digital media in my flat.