Hovey Petrol Age Politics


I like it when politicians all have a go at each other as it provides nothing but interesting results. This morning, Brown accused the Tories of basing their tax proposals on ‘myth’. Now, I don’t know about you, but along with comparing Cameron to a very popular television character Gene Hunt they seem to be endlessly scoring own goals. I will never vote Tory, but so help me, if it turns out their tax proposals involve winged horses, trolls and minotaurs, I may be swayed. I won’t really though. Even though they’ve now got Michael Caine’s backing which is all a bit terrifying. He pretends to retain his working class ethos but appears to have lost that all by supporting them. If this continues I will feel compelled to misquote many of his famous film lines so they become more suited such as ‘you’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! Then we’ll get a private contractors that we all own shares in, to repair the doors at a 35% increase in price.’


These short few sentences are merely blowing off steam like an old angry ranty kettle. I can’t believe how much petrol is at the moment. Sure using cars kills the planet and we should all get the train more etc etc, but I can’t afford to get the train either and the train doesn’t run with enough time for me to get home most nights, costing more for hotels and that. Or maybe I could buy an electric car. Yeah and maybe the money to do so will magically appear from my eyes. So in the end I drive our little Polo (its a car not a big sweet). And currently driving is costing me shedloads. If I had loads of sheds, like a gardening wizard, then I would have handed them all in to Shell and BP by now. I saw the increase in the budget and thought nothing of it but in the last week or two its hurt a lot. Sadly gig pay isn’t increasing to show the extra cost in travel and so it just means that suddenly I’m earning less. I should probably campaign about it or something. I do feel properly pumped about it all. Tee hee.


Somebody left a comment on my blog yesterday from http://www.whatwasdone.com/ saying that ‘Getting old is a state of mind’ and linking to their website to show what people have done by what ages. Its a lovely idea and it was nice of them to comment. However, I’m not if their website is not yet finished or what, but skimming through, not many people have done anything exciting after the age of 90. I would therefore argue that getting old is a state of mind, until you get really old and just become rubbish at everything.


Had a truly lovely gig in Hovey Brightony Hove last night. I still don’t know the difference which angered some audience as per usual. I honestly believe they should just build a moat between the two and fight it out like the Montagues and the Capulets. I like both and will choose to refer to them as Hoveton until someone sorts it out. The only thing to dislike about such areas is their complete hatred for cars. Its pretty much impossible to find a space anywhere. By that I mean parking space. I don’t want to freak out any drama students. Other than that though, its great. Last night’s gig was very lovely indeed, at the Noise Next Door’s monthly residency at the Brunswick. I’ve been wanting to see their impro for ages as they all went to same uni as me (just years later – damn youthful happy people) and I’m pleased to say they are really really good. Very slick, professional and have some really nice impro games that I’ve not seen before. Much fun. Not only that but their gig at the Brunswick had the loveliest warmest crowd ever and I very much enjoyed riffing to them past the 30 min mark. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad gig in that part of the world and I wonder if its because if you live that near a big stony beach you retain a certain level of happiness. Or maybe its because no one can visit and park there so they are generally left the hell alone.

Either way, if you weren’t able to come along last night and live in that area then here’s a few Brighton dates I’ve got coming up:

Krater Comedy Club, Komedia – April 23rd – I’m MCing

‘Littlest Things’ Solo Show at the Brighton Fringe, Royal Albion Hotel – May 6th and May 7th.

The ticket links to the last two can be found on the front page of my lovely website at www.tiernandouieb.co.uk and the former can be found at the Komedia’s website which is http://www.komedia.co.uk/brighton/ I expect to see all of you at all of them. Or not.