Aprool Fils

Well that’s it. I’ve decided never ever to blog again. HA HA! APRIL FOOLS! See what I did there? Yeah, I’m so badass. Or am I? APRIL FOOLS AGAIN! Ha! Hahahaha! Wow, all this April Fooling is really tiring. I can’t work out how my dad did it everyday in his job as an official court jester during medieval times. Ha! He didn’t live in medieval times! He wasn’t a jester! APRIL BLOODY FOOLS! I never usually bother with pranks on April 1st but today seems ripe for mirth. In a few short minutes I have to pick up Tom Craine and drive us both to Bristol to pre-record his radio show. Instead I might just drive us both to France. Why not? It is April 1st. Sure, he’ll be annoyed, BBC Bristol will be really angry, but I reckon once we call them up saying ‘Bonjour! April Le Fooly!’ they will simply guffaw with laughter.

Of course I won’t do such things, but I do wish more important people would adopt an April 1st mentality. I was annoyed that the Breakfast news this morning didn’t have Bill Turnbull suddenly saying ‘Newsflash just in! The entirety of the UK is on fire due to terrorists putting lighter fluid in the rain clouds and then throwing lit matches everywhere.’ Or something. Then Gordon Brown declares today that he is giving up politics to become a belly dancer and tells everyone the situation in the Middle East is over and all the troops can return to their families, only to then chuckle, shout April Fools when they all arrive back on UK shores and make lots of people sad.

I will probably not prank anyone at all today, in fact I’ve just got lots to do. So instead I will leave you with this new comic strip what I’ve done. Enjoy:


Hee hee hee hee hee.