Zobo Domino

I woke up today at 12.30, moseyed around for a while, then ate takeaway curry leftovers for breakfast. This is a sign that either my life is going very very right or completely and utterly wrong. I’m not sure which, but if this is a one off I’ll say the former, whereas if it happens everyday till I’m 50 I’m think the latter.

So, as a result as my Rip Van Winkle impression (his student days that is), this blog needs to be brief as I have to go and do many things. I would have had time to write you a lengthy essay about just how hilarious the dance show was yesterday, gone into all the details of the 5 year old boy wearing a silver waistcoat who just ran round in circles looking confused or just how hilarious it was looking at all the male audience members try and look as disinterested as possible when the 16 year old senior dancing girls came on it leotards and did the splits. However, no time for this, so sadly today I will just leave you with something to watch and we’ll call it quits on the blog front till tomorrow. I’m fairly sure I’ll have less than any time to blog tomorrow too, but what I’m doing is throwing some blog hope infront of you like a wordy carrot and hoping you’ll still be back here on Wednesday when things return to their usual essay length of crappery.

Enjoy this: