You’re Hot

Just did an interview thingy on Sunshine Radio. I’m aware how dubious that radio station name is – you know along the lines of special bus etc – but its local radio for Herefordshire, Worcestershire and other places that end in The Shire, like Middle Earth. Maybe that’s why they had me on. Actually its because of a gig I’m doing on Friday in Tenbury Wells which all sounds rather fun, so I had to do the promotion things of sounding a bit funny despite only having one cup of tea, feeling rather sleepy and not yet having a clue where Tenbury Wells is. Thus commenced a few minutes of blaggery. It didn’t help that the phone line was terrible so I could barely hear the DJ and just said yes to everything. I have no idea what I agreed to but the DJ was called Daz so let’s hope his tagline isn’t that he’s ‘whiter than white’ and I’ve just joined a nationalist party by accident. Unfortunately today’s radio japes weren’t conducted purely in my pants like my last radio interview. Today I am fully dressed which feels like I’ve somewhat ruining a radio opportunity. I should’ve put my dressing gown on or wore a sock on my head or something just so I’m was doing it properly.

Last night’s FT was much fun. It was the first one we hadn’t sold out since at least a year ago, but the 50+ audience more than made up for it by being really lovely. So lovely infact that the only heckle I got all night was when I asked if the audience was too hot (as the heating system can be rather erratic) and a women shouted back ‘You’re too hot!’ This, I must admit, is my favourite sort of heckling. Its rare that people shout out complimentary things, as much is the nature of shouting something out, its usually said in a loud and brash manner because its intended to offend. However, on occasion someone will defy expectation and tell you you’re funny (always useful, as being a professional comedian it is these drunk people’s assurance that keeps us going. Not), or as is sometimes the case, something more interesting. Amongst my favourites were this one:

But I must admit, I rather like ‘you’re hot’ as well. I only hope it was said with sincerity and not that they thought I was on fire or perhaps had a temperature due to man flu.

A much needed night off tonight which shall be spent with some real friends playing Beatles Rock Band and maybe having beer. I say maybe, as it appears that, myself included, everyone is drinking a bit less. I have a feeling the night will also not go past midnight, there may be talk about bills or mortgages and at some point we will all sigh in realisation how old we have got. I endevour to avoid this happening by constantly bringing up subjects that we spoke about as teenagers. I’ll every now and then shout things like ‘boobs are brilliant’, ‘Streetfighter’ and ‘A Levels are soooo hard’. I think that’s all teen conversations covered. I have also bagsied that I’m not Ringo. Lets hope all things go to plan.