Busy Doing Nothing

Some quick blog notes for today as I am busy. Busy doing what you might ask? Well my two responses to you are: 1) back off nosey face and 2) busy doing nuttin’. This is possible. By nuttin’ I mean nothing. I’m not going round headbutting people, although that would take up quite a bit of time, especially if you count all the head resting I’ve have to do inbetween. No, I really am busy doing nothing. Well its lots of little bits of something that overall only amount to little bits of other things but generally if you were to compare them to, say, solving all the world’s global warming issues, they would really amount to nothing. So in light of how much of my time nothing takes up, here you go:


The noticed yesterday that the front of the catflap ie the little bit that is the entrance from the outside cat world, had fallen off. I noticed this because everytime I stood near it, my legs got very cold, but also because, at around 1am last night, a small gathering of cats appeared in our living room. It was like some sort of cat party. I was also in the living room and this didn’t seem to deter them as I was playing Xbox and hadn’t yet noticed our house being used as a feline den of social activity. It was only when I put my controller down and noticed all three of the cats which weren’t ours, they stared at me guiltily and bolted out. I presume an open cat flap is a cats way of inviting all the neighbours round for a housewarming or something. I have now fixed the catflap out of fear that I will come home one night to find hundreds of them smoking, drinking, dancing and wrecking the place.


Second cat item on the agenda today as I had to take one of our cats, Rosie to the vet, as she has a burst abcess on her back from a nasty cat bite. She doesn’t seem bothered by this which makes me think either all cats are hardcore or Rosie, in particular is some sort of action cat. The latter seems likely which is why she’s currently choosing to sleep on top of the high cupboard by our bed only to jump down, inches away from Layla’s face while she sleeps, often scaring the crap out of her as she lands. I find it consistently amusing. Anyway our vet’s is called Dragon Vet which is a creepy name for a vet place. It insinuates either they have been treating all animals since dragons existed and they are wizard types or they are some sort of triad group. Either way the vet I saw was an arsey man who insisted everything I fed our cat ie cat food was wrong and we were to buy some stupidly expensive organic cat food with kooky names which essentially contains the same thing as all the others but has a fancier package. He also said our cat, who is particularly small and runt like, was overweight and that cats should feel like a bag of bones. I started to worry that he was some sort of anorexic cat fancier. To be fair he sorted our cat out and she spent the car journey home meowing like a retarded siren.


Yesterday I made parsnip and carrot soup. It tastes nice, but it looks like vomit. I want to eat it, because it smells good, but then I look at it and don’t want to eat it. I’ve tried eating it with my eyes closed but I spilt it on my jumper and it looked like I’d puked on myself. Sometimes my life is just too stressful.


I have £4 to my name for the forseeable future. I’m not sure what to do about this and part of me likes the challenge of having to live on £4. I reckon it can be done for a little while and it means I experiment and make things parsnip soup that looks like vomit. My main problem is that a few days ago our car got a flat tyre. That’s not a problem in itself as I’ve changed a tyre all by myself once (admittedly my dad was there too, but he just watched. And said when I did things wrong) and would be up for doing it again especially as there are pictures on the internet. The big problem is that tyres cost more than £4. Well I’m sure there are £4 tyres, but I wouldn’t want to risk using them. Without a tyre I can’t drive to gigs, which would give me money to buy a tyre. I haven’t got the train fare to get to the gigs to then buy a tyre, because train fares are more than £4. This sounds like one of those sorts of problems I would get given in maths GCSE then promptly fail. As a result, I am going to stand in the kitchen and put two apples in one hand and a satsuma in the other. Eventually someone should tell me a solution.


Here are two songs for today. The first is a track by David Lyre and remixed by my brother who goes under the moniker of The Last Skeptik. I like the word moniker and it makes me think of the character in friends despite the spelling difference. If you imagine that, then re-read the last sentence, its hella funny. Anyway, my bro who’s done work with lots of music types, like Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and King Blues, is releasing his own remix album very soonish. Here’s a taster of it:


Here’s another one what he did too:


I want to hate his music because he’s my younger brother and that’s what you’re meant to do with siblings. Pretend to be supportive but actually be loathing. But as it is, I think its all really good and we get along. I feel like I let all sterotypes down. Sorry.

Last track is this from Andrew Thompson which I’ve been playing loudly a lot today:

Or normal link for you facebookers:


Back to doing nothing.