Some of you long time blog readers may remember this:

Well today is the day we finally go and get a new freezer. ‘How on earth have we survived so long without the ability to freeze foods?’ I hear you ask. Well, its simple really. We have a tiny tiny freezer in our fridge, big enough to fit a single show or perhaps a weasel in. As we only ever eat frozen food that is exactly the size of a single shoe or a weasel, it has been adequate. In fact not having a freezer made me feel a bit like a food revolutionary. The idea of frozen food was taken and punted over a wall where it defrosted and went off given someone food poisoning when they found it and ate it. We don’t have a microwave either, and neither of these things have proved any kind of culinary problem so far. Apart from when wanting to reheat last night’s curry, or make a baked potato really quickly. Or get tomatoes to a level of heat where they can burn through someone’s face. Ultimately thats what a freezer and microwave are there for. To give superpowers akin to that of Iceman and Firestar to grub. Well I’m a Spiderman fan first and foremost so I eat all my food covered in webs. No wait. I don’t. I’n not really sure where I’m going with any of this. Well finally we’ve decided we should get the big broken freezer out of our kitchen and replace it with one that works and makes ice and I can put things in out of curiosity just to see how long it takes to turn to ice, such as squash, biscuits, a shoe, or a weasel.

I’ve no idea how you go about shopping for a freezer. I’m assuming you check if it fits in the space you need it to in your kitchen and then you ask if it freezes things. If the answer to the former is yes, but the latter is no, then you probably shouldn’t buy it unless you like big empty boxes in your kitchen. If the answer to the latter is yes but the former is no, then you probably also shouldn’t get it unless you like damaging your kitchen to fit it in. I reckon thats all I need to know. I might also ask some random question just incase I stumble upon a rare opportunity to get lucky. Question such as ‘does it freeze time?’ or ‘does it freeze our mortgage interest rates?’ or ‘Does it play Ice Ice Baby as I put ice cube trays in?’ If I can find one that does those as well, I’ll be very happy.

Tomorrow I will do some lists. People like doing lists as the year comes to an end, and tomorrow my first year of daily blogging ends, so there will be a cheaty list of blog type moments, looking back at the faves, the worsties and the out takes and the deleted, er, words. If you have any requests, let me know. I probably will ignore them, but you may as well try.