My New Favouritest Thing

This is a non-blog today, mostly because today is filled with other busy things, and I got up later than I meant to. I seem to have lost my iPod again and so have spent large amounts of time looking for it. For something so filled with music, its amazing it doesn’t make any noise when you need to find it. Steve Jobs that is your next task. Then in a few mins I have to go to the garage to get my headlight bulbs repaired on the car. This is a job I would be able to do myself if VW weren’t so evil that the headlights are encased in a cover that requires a special screwdriver that only garages have and I can’t buy in a shop. If you attempt to remove them without using this screwdriver the bulb cracks and breaks causing glassy hell death. Its like a secret trap devised by an arsehole. I have asked the garage if they can just let me buy the screwdriver, but they know this loses them all the power and so they constantly refuse. One day I will operate a large scale plan whereby I attach a small pulley to the mechanic’s braces on his overalls and then steal the screwdriver and drive off, while they are unable to get too far without being pulled back. As I run away I’ll scream ‘Now its you who’ve been jacked!’ The only side effects to this is that I will have to get the car MOT’d somewhere else.

Then after all that I’m going to Crewe for another Jim Jeffries tour gig. I’ve never been to Crewe, but by accounts of its name I expect there are a decent group of people there. At least enough to man a ship anyway.

So no time for blog and instead I thought I’d share this with you which is my new favouritest thing as of late last night:

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Enjoy that.