Today’s Outlook: Very Cloudy

I’ll be honest. Its a bit too early for me to blog. I don’t officially wake up for several hours which will make all the activities I’m meant to do this morning probably a tad shit. This is a shame as the entire reason I’m up this early is to do some fun stuff. Firstly I’m about to go and audition for the part of a cloud. Yes. A cloud. Its a comedy type cloud and I can’t really tell you more than that, but I’ve also been told to be ready for the parts of rain and snow as well. I’m not really sure how any of these will work, but I assume I need to be a bit fluffier to be a cloud. If they need me to be more grey, by making me get up early I’ve already achieved this a tad. I also spent ages sitting in bed thinking of cloud type jokes. The only one I could come up with is this and its supremely poor:

How do clouds get from place to place? On the cumulus nim bus.

I should quit already really shouldn’t I? We’ll see. If I turn up and there are several other people that look like me I shall assume that when people look at the sky they think the clouds form my face. If however the other people in the waiting room are a dragon, a dog, a man with a hat chasing a shark and a baby, then the casting director will have really done his/her work.

After that I race to Bristol to pre-record Tom Craine’s BBC Bristol radio show with him and then Old Rope for some new material that I haven’t yet written. I might try just saying my cloud joke over and over again until people leave. Then when they start to get up and go I will just repeat the phrase ‘ooh looks like rain’.

Sorry I had plans for today’s blog to write about Persian food, arguing about sofas and The Thick Of It, but somewhere around the words ‘supremely’ and ‘poor’ I managed to really choke on my cup of tea. That then took ages to sort out and now I have to get ready and go to be a cloud. Today’s forecast – more of the same is likely.

Last thing – the theme for today’s radio show is technology. What piece could you/couldn’t you live without? Any technology mishaps? If any of you can answer those questions, please leave them as comments below before about 2pm and we’ll try to mention them in the show.