Self Imposed Blog Gag

This blog is not allowed to blog about the question it was going to blog about. Sadly I can’t report who it was going to be about, what the subject matter was or why I’ve been told I can’t blog about it. So as freedom of speech has been destroyed by to the extent where even the people reporting on the people who impose such conditions are imposed upon, I will use this blog to say whatever I like, with no fear of the thought police raiding my home and making me sit in room 101. Not that I am any sort of an intelligent enough person to comment on such matters but it does seem a very scary state of affairs when such things are occurring. It makes you wonder what else is not being reported on or covered up. Perhaps the rocket fired at the moon last week was specifically aimed at aliens? Or was full of Russian spies. Who knows. I’m sad to say I don’t understand it all because I am a big thicko. I think it also doesn’t help that I woke up at 11am today, by which point it had already been Twittered about all morning and one hour later Carter Ruck (which sounds like a sequel to Get Carter where there is a big fight between everyone. Although this sequel would be impossible due to Carter’s death at the end of Get Carter. If you haven’t seen it, sorry for spoiling it for you but you should’ve seen it by now, so its your fault) had rescinded their legal case against the Guardian anyway so it all seems now to be over. What this does show is that Twitter is pretty bloody impressive. Everything that Trafigura attempted to hold back information-wise was subsequently thrown all over the net anyway in 140 character bursts like an actually useful Chinese Whisper. You can’t hide anything nowadays with the advent of such things. I sometimes worry about the X-Men graphic novel I stole from Hanley Road library in 1991 as its bound to surface at some point once someone finds out.

The only time Twitter can be dangerous is when people tweet news that is not at all true. Last night Zach Braff’s death was twittered all over the shop only for it to turn out to be a hoax. This is really not on. Mostly because I had started trying to write jokes about it, but also because Zach Braff probably doesn’t want people to think he’s dead. Unless he has tax fraud issues, you never know. I suppose it would have meant E4 might finally stop repeating Scrubs every two minutes. Then all we’d have to hope for is for the entire cast of Friends to die and the channel might be able to put some original programming on for once. Anyway, he’s not dead incase you care, or wanted some decent pub banter. It was highly believable for while as celebs seem to be just dying every two minutes at the mo. I can only hope its some sort of engineered virus. If so, its a shame it wasn’t targeted at the really untalented ones first. Anyway, it made me realise that as much as it helps proper news get around, like today, it can also help spread big whopping lies. Eventually we won’t have a clue what’s what and the only way to find out real news will be to spend all day running around to watch things happen with your own eyes. Either that or ignore everything. As they say, ignorance is bliss. That’s why people with lobotomies are never sad. Or happy. Or anything.

Not really sure what today’s blog is about I’m afraid. I started wanting to talk about this morning’s events before realising once again, that I haven’t got a clue. Yesterday night was spent watching Peep Show from last week and playing a lot of Fable 2. The latter sadly does not include any of Aesop’s best ones. Tonight will be a slightly more productive event with a lovely sold out Fat Tuesday to look forward to. We did have two special guests and now only have one but I think this is for the best as it allows me to waffle on for ages. I might try and talk about things I shouldn’t and see if anyone imposes a gag on me. Or more likely I’ll tell my squash joke from last week on Twitter then run out of material, panic and bring on an act.