I’m starting to believe that cat hairs don’t necessarily come from cats. I’m almost certain they just appear from nowhere or perhaps grow on inanimate objects. Yesterday me and Layla spent a long time cleaning the flat, properly scrubbing and dusting and hoovering and all those things, and we found cat hairs in places we are fairly sure the cats can’t get too. For example, half way up a wall. Not a wall they could jump to get onto things from, just a wall. Or in the bathroom cupboards which are always closed and also halfway up a wall. This was constantly confusing, but more so because we removed them all, spending ages hoovering them up or wiping them away, only today, for the flat to be covered in cat hairs again. I think M15 need to look into this. If they could put cameras into cat hair then they could get everywhere. Top secret location somewhere filled with terrorists and high level security so no one can get in? I bet there’s some cat hairs in there. Maybe the universal code is party constructed by cat hairs. Of course it could just be that at night our cats get loads of their feline mates to help them create cat pyramids so they can balance and stick cat hairs all over the flat to create confusion. This second idea is highly possible. Rosie and Bella do have a habit of making things more difficult or irritating than they should be. For example Rosie at 4am this morning attacking Layla’s foot so she woke up with a yelp, waking me up. Or three nights ago when Bella kept attacking a coat hanger at 5am making a horrible rattling noise until we both woke up. Cats are bloody annoying.


I have £21.50 for the forseeable future. I don’t mean that I will always have that amount, what I mean is that is all I have funds wise until something else comes through. Some other stuff will be coming through, but I really don’t know when. So I have been carefully budgeting. Last night I went out for my friend Mat’s birthday and spent only £8.50. This now leaves me £11.50 for Layla’s birthday on Wednesday and £10 to get petrol to drive to my gigs on Thursday and Friday, neither of which pay in cash, or I’d be fine. While this high level of poverty is rubbish, particularly in the case of Layla’s birthday, there is something oddly refreshing about it. We have to be imaginative with food, which means actually cooking things and making stuff. Or if you’re lazy like me, just eating toast and letting all your fruit and vegetables rot. It also meant I didn’t stay out too late last night and I’ve suddenly realised why non-drinkers are less fun. There is nothing to enjoy about other people boozing when you’re not and even less to enjoy about a bar that when forced inside, because the terrace is closed, is filled with shit music and people saying ‘bruv’ seriously. We weren’t forced inside while I was there, but there was a warning that would happen and we left before it did. I’ve a horrible feeling the others were lured inside to a captive audience of chav and never escaped. I’ve been dangerously gambling with the idea that I could spend all my remaining cash on something fun, like booze, or an Xbox game or lots of ice cream. However this would make both Layla and the gig promoters very angry. Although Layla does like ice cream. And I’m sure the gig promoters would do too. If you have any suggestions what I should actually spend my last £21.50 on then please let me know. Alternatively if you know a way to fuel a car without petrol or a place I can get Layla a brilliant present for free then please leave comments below.

Going to have lunch at my parents today. This is a good way to keep hold of my £21.50. We are going to have soup which makes me excited. I remember two people at my uni having a regular ‘Soup Day’ when I was in my first year. They would line up cans of different flavours of soup and spend all day eating them. I could live like that. Soup is the adult equivalent of baby food. I would happily blend up most things I like to eat and have them as soup. Except crisps. No wait. Even crisps. Mmm crisp soup.

Also happy Eid for those that celebrate and happy 8 years since Bush announced a war on terror. The other day I got quite scared of a spider so its clear terror is still winning.