Can’t Be Bothered

I can’t be arsed to do anything today. The impending doom of what will happen if I don’t get several things done today is slightly scary, but at the same time I know that I could do them tomorrow to avert such consequences and therefore can’t be arsed to do them today. I have also, however, seen and read The Iceman Cometh and, assuming that is the gospel truth, know what happens when you put things off ie you kill your wife. Well maybe not something that extreme but that’s what the play says so it must be true. Hmm, just realised that’s a massive spoiler right there. Though to be fair, it was published in 1940 so you should’ve read it by now. Working on that logic there are a lot of things I should’ve read by now but haven’t, and there is also no way I am going to read any of those today. One thing I really should do, is buy a tent. I’m going to Bestival on Friday and as yet, have nowhere to sleep when I get there. I’m not suggesting they should have provided me with somewhere to sleep, as its a giant field, but what I should do is buy some sort of shelter to sleep under eg a tent. I have no expertise in buying tents and nor do I have any money, so I am trying to convince myself that if I leave it till the last minute it will all be ok, knowing full well I’ll turn up to Bestival and have to kip under a tree all shivering and cold for three days.

The rest of my list to do involves having to do boring comedy organisational things and some writing, none of which will happen today. Lets get the facts straight – I have two games on my Xbox that I haven’t beaten yet, there is no way anything else is happening. Except this blog. Which to be fair is a struggle today. Yesterday I thought of several things I wanted to write about today including nut roasts, Jack Russell dogs, MOT certificates, and balloon animals. But now I can’t be bothered. It really is one of those days. I blame a number of things on my lethargy, but mostly I think I am still just about able to blame Edinburgh. Yes its probably only as much to blame as going out to Martyne’s birthday last night and having some bevvies, or oversleeping and therefore being more tired, but overall I think nothing is as to blame as Edinburgh. Its one of those excuses that should ride for at least another two or three days.

Its a shame I didn’t talk about balloon animals. I had a lot to say about them.