Minimalist Blog

‘Brevity is the key to wit’ said Shakespeare apparently. I don’t when he said that, I only know the quote from one of my favourite Simon Munnery gags. The joke continues with the line ‘I say WANK, therefore I win.’ My blog isnt that brief today but its verging on a note. I’m not sure where the line is drawn. Perhaps if you can fit it onto a post it its a note, anything larger hit blogs territory until its get too large and becomes an essay, novel or a bore. I have left myself a very small blog window, or blogdow if you like, today. I currently have only 20 minutes in which to eat soup, write this and then get ready and drive to Keele University near Stoke-On-Trent. Soup and fast typing are not the ideal of companions and I am hungry so the blog must suffer. This is also not helped by my having to wear shades while typing this as the sunshine hits the laptop screen square on. I could of course move but I feel that right now it makes me seem like the fonz of all geeks.

I have spent the morning standing outside the Daily Mail protesting at their owner, Viscount Rothermere being a tax dodging non-dom so I feel I have already done my part for the people today. Not a lot happened to me of not yesterday anyway. All high points can be narrowed down to:

1) Starting a Tiernan competition on Twitter. Finding other Tiernan’s has made me excited as the last time this happened I only met one. I received an email entitled ‘Tiernan?’ some years ago. It was from a Tiernan Deevy and all he asked was ‘Are you really another Tiernan? So am I and I’ve never met one before. Please write back.’ It was the best email ever. I have found several on Twitter and I’m hoping they will partake in my competition that has no rules yet.

2) Did my Rhod Gilbert impression for Comedy Demon. I am proud of it.

3) Saw Stewart Lee’s show while it was actually on and not recorded or on iplayer or anything. It was brilliant again. With that and Genius every week I have some faith restored again in TV.

That is all. I will now eat soup so fast I burn my mouth and hate the rest of my day. Proper blog tomorrow!