This blog will be brief. Lots of things happened yesterday but typing about them is overridden by my immense desire to crawl back under my duvet and hide from everything bright, loud and smelling remotely like booze. Let’s just say yesterday was a lot of fun, there was free booze and I achieved my intended target of getting battered. As a result, looking at my laptop screen makes me want to vomit, so just be intent in the knowledge that I had fun. 

When I recover I am going to watch Keith Farnan’s show at the BAC tonight. So should you. It should be good. 
Right that is really all I can manage today. I have my duvet and Ulysses 31 waiting for me and despite the wonderful powers of Anadin, my head is spinning more than hamster having an epileptic fit in a wheel. 
Proper blog tomorrow when I am not dying.