When I’m not gigging I like to complain about how I don’t have enough gigs and how broke I am etc. When I am gigging loads I seem to like to complain about lots of other factors, like lack of days off, and the fact that I’m somehow still broke. Ultimately it comes down to me being a moany bastard and terrible with cash. This month I have found a new gripe, insomnia. Its not proper insomnia as I do sleep, so really its not insomnia at all. What it is though is that the adrenaline rush I get from gigs prevents me from sleeping till 3am, which in turn means I get up later and waste my day away. Now I wouldn’t mind this much if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m fairly sure I’ll need that adrenaline later in life for an inevitable heart attack or perhaps a lack of excitement about something. I’m worried that I will go on a rollercoaster in a few years time and just feel bored, or win an amazing prize and express apathy about it all. I’d hate to think that I will have used up all my life’s quantity of adrenaline on sitting on facebook till the wee hours sending inane links to people. 

Lovely lovely gig last night at Buckinghamshire University. Although once again the students gave me a slight need to worry when a girl answered her phone during a gig, and when I started telling her to hang up, another student shouted ‘rape her!’. Now, I’m not sure what kind of university it is, but any place where answering your phone illicits that sort of response is a bit scary. Luckily everyone laughed about it. Apart from the girl who looked scared for the rest of the night and me who didn’t answer my phone once till I left. You can’t be too sure. Apart from that, it was just great. Nice bunch of students who did that lovely ego inflating thing of insisting on talking to you afterwards and assuming you have some sort of celebrity status. I quite like feeling like a champion of the student world, until of course they talk for too long and start telling you why they thought it was funny to shout ‘rape her’. At that point its home time. 
The other acts that were on were Adam Bloom and Sally Anne Hayward, both of whom had ace sets. There is a system in the comedy world that seems to mean that you gig with some people loads and others not very often or at all. I gigged with Adam last week and am gigging with him again tonight. Sally-Anne on the other hand I hadn’t gigged with since last spring and she reminded me of the traumatic horrible gig that we were last at together in the souless pit of Weston Supermare. The gig itself wasn’t too bad, as it was so quiet that the few people that were there were very nice. The horror happened afterwards when I had to stay over in the provided accommodation above the gig. Not only was I the only one staying there which was a bit scary as it is, I then had to try and sleep through the awful shit music they played downstairs until morning, for the disco with two drunk people in it. I have horrible memories of walking around Weston the next day praying for something interesting to do so I wouldn’t have to go back to the flat of fear. Unfortunately Weston Supermare is the sort of town that you would only find interesting if you had been repeatedly hit in the face with an axe. Everything about Weston screams of crap. I eventually went to the cinema to watch Iron Man, only to discover that I was the only person in the cinema which is as terrifying as being the only person in a scary flat and I spent the whole film thinking about the scene in Scream 2. Luckily that gig no longer exists anymore, which is one of those small facts that makes the world feel like its not all bad. 
At the Comedy Bunker in Ruislip tonight which should be fun. They’ve said I can do as long as I want. I’m not sure yet if it would piss them off more if I did 3 minutes or 45 minutes.