If there was a way to type in childish song then I would repeatedly type ‘I’ve done a full show’ lots on this blog. It all went much better than I thought it would and people said nice things, including some people who had turned up of their own accord and hadn’t been harassed on facebook or anything. I didn’t think that was possible anymore, for people to turn up of their own accord, but these few were obviously the adventurous sort. Personally I know I spoke far too fast, and the show needs loads of changes, especially the end, but I think it should be good enough for Leicester at the moment. Well those three people that are coming to see it anyway.

I asked people for alternative names for the show as ‘Live and Let Diabetes’ doesn’t really work anymore. So far the responses I’ve had are:
Keep it as ‘Live and Let Diabetes’ – not what I said, please listen next time
The 28 Club – A few people liked this, mebbe I did too. 
Quarter Life Crisis – Someone I don’t know suggested that, so I’m fairly impressed
Tiernan’s Mega Super Funk Bitch Slam Down Hour – no one went for that, I’m not sure why
Afterwards I had a few bevvies with the lovely people that attended before Layla drove my adrenaline fueled self home. I have always had problems sleeping after a gig thanks to adrenaline. Its worse when a gig goes well, and last night I couldn’t sleep till about 3 but also didnt have the brain power to do anything useful with my time. Instead I annoyed people on FB and Twitter and drove myself into a youtube spiral. The only thing that stopped it was this:
That video scared me so much that I had to stop using the interweb and at the same time was unable to sleep for longer as everytime I did, the egg man messed with my head. Truly one of the scariest things ever. Who on Earth was the ad man who thought that by telling kids a giant egg man shat out tiny kinder eggs with toys in would be a great marketing device? I hope he was fired. Out of a cannon. Into something uncomfortable. Like a row between a couple in a noisy pub. 
My throat is very sore which is useful as I obviously don’t use it or anything for any work that I do. The plan today is to not talk to anyone till Portsmouth Uni tonight where I will tell four dick gags then go home. I only have one dick gag so I will have to say that one four times and slowly. Hopefully that will work.