Mo’ Money

I’ve just got off the phone after being politely angry towards the people at MBMA. They were employing all the friendly friendly tactics they could to keep me paying obscene amounts of money for a useless service. Lots of useless polite pre-amble was had including the call centre man asking me what the weather was like in London and then man proceeded to tell me he lives in Chester which apparently isn’t as nice as they make out in Hollyoaks. I told him he was wrong about this. Its much nicer and the people in real Chester can act better. After all this nice chat I told him I wanted to cancel me paying them stupid money for stupid things I don’t really need and he acted like I had personally stabbed him in the face. It was as though he believed we had been friends for years and I’d just told him I’d slept with his wife. After the initial shock he back peddled over all the benefits for ages and I kept batting them down like moles on that game where you hit moles with a hammer. 

I spent some time reading through Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website this weekend trying to find ways to be less broke. Martin Lewis knows everything and I like to believe that even with his salary he only eats Tesco Value products or things from Lidl and is constantly changing his credit cards to have 0% interest. I fear however that there will be a reveal on him and he spends his life throwing money at passing cats. I suppose he could always stand his ground that he has saved so much money that he can now throw money at cats if he likes. And he does. 
I am very very broke this week. If you have £10 and you want to give it to me, I really wont complain at all. Tonight’s gig pays in cash which will be a relief. Its at the lovely Buckinghamshire University. A place, I am told, that has radio adverts that state it is ‘the college with the knowledge’. Surely all college’s should have knowledge? Apart from Hull which just has a distinct lack of fish smell of course.