Death of a Legend

Not much to say today apart from being a bit sad at the death of Tony Hart. True he hadn’t been on telly for 8 years but his legacy of being able to create masterpieces by scribbling with a crayon on black paper and scratching bits off to make a picture and other such wonders will always live on. Without him, many would be lost at how to make a collage with those odd polystyrene things and the versatility of slightly crinkled tissue paper. 

It was Tony Hart that inspired many a work of art from me. That piece with the macaroni and lentils that was meant to be two owls, but in retrospect looks more like someone sicked out some soup ingredients. That was you Tony. All that artistic nature that I now don’t use remotely and probably never will again. 
What saddens me most, above all the greatness of Mr Hart, is who will look after Morph now? What will happen to the little growly plasticine chap? Without a dad he will remain confused and baffled at many a stationary object in his vicinity. He needs Tony’s giant hand to move it or show him what to do with it. No one will understand what he says, and he will probably be admitted to some sort of speech development school where it won’t be realised that he voice box is made of Play-Doh reducing him to simple grunts. I hope for his sake his is adopted by someone nice like Neil Buchanan. He’s the only arty man I could think of since that other one killed himself. 
Rest in peace Tony. I hope at your funeral they have the decency to play the Hart Beat theme tune and decorate the coffin in water based colours.