Who Is Tiernan Douieb?


Tiernan (In Real Life)

Tiernan’s done the comedy thing for ages and ages now. Since his early days treading the boards, his comedy has taken on a more satirical edge opting to complain about worldly political happenings in the friendliest and funniest manner possible.

This is balanced by his stand-up for children and families which is mostly about bogies and superheroes. Tiernan regularly performs all over the world even though he really likes being at home. He is constantly on Twitter, co-runs the successful Comedy Club 4 Kids and has performed and written several solo shows which have all done alright really.

About Tiernan Douieb

partly_political_tiernanTiernan Douieb (pronounced ‘Eee-Waaaah Crunk’) is one of them people who you’ve heard about with beards. Tiernan has had a beard for quite some years now, with it varying in shape & size, but only disappearing entirely once.

On that occasion Tiernan realised his chin not only terrified and upset others, but also redefined his face shape so it was no longer the cuddly, bear like image people knew and loved and instead a hairless cold pink smorgasbord of shame.
So since then Tiernan has grown, nurtured and developed his face coat, providing somewhere for small animals to nestle and children to rub sticks against to cause fires.

Tiernan is officially the 6708th most hirsute person in his street and once had his overall body furs compared to ‘a skinned Muppet stuck to a judges wig.’ The only downsides to all this are that he is far less aerodynamic when chasing bad guys in cars and static balloons make him look really surprised all over.

As well as the full time job of beard wearing, Tiernan also does stand-up comedy for adults and children, writing for things like televisions, articles and post-it notes to remember milk, and he tweets more often than a bird doing the dawn chorus on Groundhog Day.

Oh and he once saw a really fat squirrel eating a Cornetto like a human would. He’s never really got over that.
Tiernan really dislikes people who just copy and paste his biog from his website without doing any research to find out if its real or not then interview him about things he’s said on it. Those people are idiots.

Some actual things Tiernan has done:

Some actual things people have said about him:

  • gets the juxtaposition between heavy context and winning punchlines right when it is most needed‘ – Festmag
  • ‘Opinionated yet likeable’ – The Guardian
  • Best use of a spurtle I’ve seen in years.‘ – The Lady
  • ‘Very funny but fiercely political’ – Time Out
  • With this fresh style and material he blows so many other Fringe comedians out of the water.Three Weeks
  • Douieb has more than enough energy to go round, and he’s a hugely engaging onstage presence.‘ – British Comedy Guide
  • Knows his way around comedy like we know our way around a tiny barn made of matchsticks.‘ – Miniature Donkey Magazine
  • a perennial contender for the title of most affable person in comedy‘ – The Scotsman
  • a leftie commie asshole just like Hitler‘ – An NRA member on Twitter