The World Is Full Of Idiots, Let's Live In Space

My second Standup Special is now available for download!


Recorded at The Phoenix in London on 17th January 2016, 'The World's Full Of Idiots, Let's Live In Space' is Tiernan Douieb's second filmed special. The show is inspired by astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield's autobiography, all about his life training to go into space. Hadfield says that after spending 6 months on the International Space Station it gave him a great sense of just how much the world is all one place and we are all one people living together on it.

In this hour of stand-up, professional cheery misanthrope Tiernan Douieb wonders why we have to send people quite so far away to have that realisation, and just how feasible is it to fire a large portion of the world into space until they behave? An hour of jokes on politics, free speech, racism, terrorism, global warming and other fun lighthearted comedy subjects.

"it’s a really lovely show, really good. A really good show." – Mark Thomas

"The show is funny, but more than that it’s interesting and, actually, a little bit life-affirming." - Giggle Beats



Here is NEWS:

Stand Up For Refugees

Our last Stand Up For Refugees gig, raising money for the very important charity Help Refugees, was at the Brighton Dome this Weds (June 21st). Myself and the brilliant Jen Brister organised and ran seven shows and while we’re still waiting for exact final figures it’s currently looking like we’ve raised over £50k for the charity […]

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The Comedy Cast

I did a podcast that wasn’t my own one. GASP! I KNOW! But do have a listen to the very fun to do Comedy Cast, where I chatted with Spud, the host, about everything from robot takeovers to pavlova. Much fun indeed. Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast with English Comedian Tiernan Douieb

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Eurovision 2017

I’m not sure why you would, but here’s all my tweets from me live tweeting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest because, well, yep.

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My EdFringe poster is here!

This year’s poster is designed by the excellent @tokyosexwhale – – with pic taken by the brilliant Wasi Daniju – Expect to see this all over my website soonish…. 

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LONDON TYPES! What are you doing on the night of June 8th? Crying into your peas while watching Jeremy Vine prance around computer graphics like a crap Lawnmower man, contemplating what sort of dystopian future the next 100 years of Conservative government will bring? Well don’t do that, and instead go and vote then come […]

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What’s This General Election Thing All About?

PARENTS! Are you struggling to explain what on earth this whole general election thing is to your children? Well I’ve teamed up Comedy Club 4 Kids with the brilliant Simple Politics website and we are doing a joint show at the Udderbelly Southbank on June 4th to explain it all. It’ll be a non-partisan, educational […]

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Ring Of Fire – Article

Comedy Journalist, excellent beer drinker and all round lovely man Si Hawkins is getting married soon so I had a chat with him about how to do a decent speech that doesn’t make everyone hate you:

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This weekend – April 22nd / 23rd 2017

Hello. I don’t usually post gig updates on here as what is my gig page for otherwise except taking up space on the internet. But this weekend I’m doing some things you may like to come to. They are all London based. SORRY. 1) On Saturday I’m doing a set at the Take Back Control: London […]

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Spanking New ‘Give Me Your Money’ Patreon Video

You definitely listen to my podcast right? Of course you do. Only an idiot wouldn’t. Ahem. In which case you’ll have been waiting to donate money towards me making it, with the only thing holding you back being the lack of video on the Partly Political Broadcast Patreon Page. Right? Right? Well never fear, because […]

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Partly Political Broadcast clips

Thanks to spanking new technology I can now turn little clips of the Partly Political Broadcast podcast into videos. So the PPB youtube account is back and here is a short clip of this week’s show:   The full episode is at: Direct iTunes

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Ko-Fi (Not Annan. The other one. Who’s not a Nan)

I’ve just set up a ko-fi page incase you fancy fueling the beginnings of a vicious caffeine addiction. Alternatively you can sponsor Partly Political Broadcast at our Patreon   Or you know, do neither of those. I can’t tell you what to do. I’m not your dad.

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Cupids The Movie

A short film I’m in is being released soon but because of the nature of the story, you can screen it for free on Valentine’s Day. So why not do that? Watch it via this link: Or if you’re the sort of person who needs Facebook reminders about things head here: Or to the Twitter […]

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I’m working on a new Edinburgh show – more on that soon – and have a few work in progress shows coming up. First is Leicester Comedy Festival on 9th Feb at 9pm at the Exchange Bar. This show will be a half written mess. Please come. It is free. Then this month I’ve […]

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Comedy Classroom

  I got to meet the winner of the BBC Comedy Classroom caption competition, Tom, and give him  tour round the BBC before he got to post his winning captions up on the BBC site. The vid of all that is here: And there’s a longer ‘behind the scenes’ vid here too:

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More podcasts for your lugholes!

  As well as PPB, I’m a guest on two different podcasts this week. Firstly the Box Set pod which I’ve been on before, this time discussing Luke Cage: LISTEN HERE And then I’m on my brother, The Last Skeptik’s podcast, Thanks For Trying, with US rapper Heems (Swet Shop Boys). It was a lot […]

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Operation Ouch!

In perhaps the tiniest TV appearance it’s possible to have, I was on the first episode of the new season of Operation Ouch. I mean, without a name check or any of my material being shown, but you do see my mug and my arm waving about at one point. So you know, maybe worth […]

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