Links – I co-run CC4K, a comedy club that is for ages 6-99. The best comedians on the circuit doing what they do best… but without the rude bits!

logo_c4k – My brother’s website full of his beats, face and general whereabouts.

Professionally Resting – Brilliant, very funny blog on the trials and tribulations of a jobbing actor’s life that just happens to be written by my wife when she gets two mins to update it.

Giant Banana – Website of James Hingley who designed this site right here, and sites for many other comedians too.

Arts Emergency – A brilliant and very important charity helping young people to achieve their aims in the arts. I’m a donator and supporter of this wonderful group created by Josie Long and Neil Griffiths.

NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day – I look at this every day. It’s amazing.