Littlest Things August 27th, 2010

No one could accuse Tiernan Douieb of not having the best interests of his audience at heart. ‘It’s nice to be nice’ is a sentiment that can often sound hollow, but this is a genuine attempt to find the subtle niceties that make life worth living. However, often this quest, viewed through four of Douieb’s […]

Littlest Things August 20th, 2010

Tiernan Douieb’s new show sees him reprise his role as the lovable man-child or, by his own account, the Teddy Ruxspin of stand-up. Similarly to last year, he ties together insulin dependence, best mates and an ability to reference his personal life as much as comic book characters, all in an ineffably jovial manor. This […]

Littlest Things August 18th, 2010

If there’s a more charming comedian than Tiernan Douieb offering his wares in Edinburgh this year, then I’ll happily eat the gold paper fan which he so thoughtfully distributes to each audience member at the beginning of his show. Littlest Things is about the gold paper fans of everyday life – those small gestures of […]

Littlest Things August 18th, 2010

Here’s a useful bit of information for any lads looking to get lucky during the Fringe: Tiernan Douieb attracts a curious amount of really good-looking girls. Well, his show does anyway. Littlest Things is about the little nice things in life, and Douieb is one of them, a pocket-sized pun-and-fun machine who has to grow […]

Littlest Things August 15th, 2010

Tiernan Douieb is one of the chirpiest men you will ever meet; the antithesis of the likes of Dylan Moran, his upbeat nature and desire to be nice are overwhelming. The show explores the little things others do that can make your day, unsung heroes and, randomly, the versatility of waffles. He skilfully moves from […]