Things To Listen To!

This is how I sound, just like in real life. Close your eyes and pretend I’m shouting at you in your living room / car boot / washing machine / castle turret / converted igloo. Have a listen. More soon!

And all interviews, spoken things, audio recordings & various tidbits can be found below…

Tiernan on Wendy Wason’s ‘Words of Wisdom’ Podcast

Getting Better Acquainted

Interviewed on Dave Pickering’s Podcast ‘Getting Better Acquainted’ – July 2015

Tiernan Douieb VS The World

A Full recording of my 2012 Edinburgh Fringe show, Tiernan Douieb vs The World.
For more on this show, click through to the page for it here.

Littlest Things

A recording of my full Edinburgh show from 2010, Littlest Things…
For more info on this show, click through to the page for it, here.

28 Years Later

My first solo Edinburgh show, 28 Years Later, is available here in a low-quality recording from the penultimate night of the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe run, with a few added sections dropped in to add context!