Things To Listen To!

This is how I sound, just like in real life. Close your eyes and pretend I’m shouting at you in your living room / car boot / washing machine / castle turret / converted igloo. Have a listen. More soon!

And all interviews, spoken things, audio recordings & various tidbits can be found below…

Sitcom Geeks

The brilliant Dave Cohen interviews me on episode 99 of the very fun Sitcom Geeks podcast, all about how to survive as a comedian. Have a listen:

Podcast From The Past

I’m on the Postcards From The Past podcast aka Podcast From The Past, alongside the very funny Rachel Parris. Have a listen here:

Flixwatcher Podcast

I was a guest on the excellent Flixwatcher Podcast, where they discuss films on Netflix and why listeners should or shouldn’t watch them. I discussed the fantastic independent film Young Offenders, that has since spawned a brilliant award winning TV series. Ace all round lovely chap Jason Reed from the Stop and Search Podcast is also on.

Have a listen at:

The Comedy Cast

Tiernan makes a brief reappearance on The Comedy Cast and chats to Spud about Brexit Mayhem, World Cup failure and more:

Tinder Toilet Roll, Kim + Elton & Tiernan Douieb Joins us too

3 Track Podcast

I guested on Gabriel Eblulu’s highly commended 3 track podcast where I waffled on about much of the music that I love. Do have a listen:

The Drunken Comedian Podcast Part 1

I got to guest on Matt Hoss’s excellent Drunken Comedian Podcast. We only drank a few pints so not sure I was drunken but also can’t really remember which probably negates the first bit of this sentence. Anyway, here’s part 1.



Dream Factory Podcast – Buffalo2

I had a lot of fun guesting on this podcast hosted by Joel and John all about imagining made up or amalgamated films.

Romesh Ranganathan’s Hip Hop Saved My Life

Very funny man Romesh Ranganathan chatted with Tiernan for his podcast about hip hop. Some hip hop is discussed but also lots of complaining about other people happens. It was a lot of fun to record. Have a listen:

Stop and Search Podcast: Breaking The News Part 2

I was part of a lovely panel on this podcast with Felicity Morse from The i Paper and writer of Jonathan Pie, Andrew Doyle. Hosted by the excellent Jason Reed.

Stop And Search Podcast: Breaking The News Part 1

I was part of a lovely panel on this podcast with Felicity Morse from The i Paper and writer of Jonathan Pie, Andrew Doyle. Hosted by the excellent Jason Reed.

Ian Boldsworth’s Fubar Radio Show

Tiernan was one of the guests on Ian’s Fubar radio show to discuss his 2017 Edinburgh Show: 

The Comedy Cast

Tiernan spoke to Spud on his podcast about all things comedy:

Comedy Podcast | The Comedy Cast with English Comedian Tiernan Douieb

Worst Foot Forward

Tiernan spoke to Ben and Barry on their fun podcast about the world’s worst protests:

Thanks For Trying Podcast

Tiernan was a guest on his brother, The Last Skeptik’s podcast alongside rapper Heems:

Tiernan on Wendy Wason’s ‘Words of Wisdom’ Podcast

Baines Plus One

Tiernan was a guest on Samantha Baines podcast and radio show Baines Plus One:

Getting Better Acquainted

Interviewed on Dave Pickering’s Podcast ‘Getting Better Acquainted’ – July 2015