Fringe Day 20: Lazy Blog

Quick blog today. This is mostly on account of laziness. Not that I have a lazy account. If I did, I wouldn’t be all that bothered to ever put money in it. I’d be too lazy. Bank’s should offer such things. Though I suppose they do. They’re called savings accounts. I have one, and I’m too lazy to put anything in it. And too broke. Essentially, all I’m doing is saving everyone’s time by leaving it be. So that name works. In a way. So yeah, lazy time. Here’s a few things then I’m going back under my Bedinburgh duvet for a bit. Aaaah, Bedinburgh. HERE ARE THINGS:

– Bex is a bloody excellent cook. The only possible downside of her being lovely and inviting several of us for dinner for nice food, is that my body was in no way prepared for nice grub and immediately decided after eating her awesome lasagna that it needed to shut down and sleep. Several hours of slow moving then occurred and I haven’t been that tired all fringe. I’ve decided I need to back away from such vitamins and wholesome tasty goodness and just eat crap now till September to survive. Upon my return home I will ruin myself with healthy things and deal with the consequences.

– Turbo Toon is not as good as Turbo Crab.

– Lovely 5* audience last night, despite its smallness. Extra points awarded for the presence of Terry Saunders, his lovely wife Claire, the also lovely Sanna, and Brett who is ace. Hurrah for all these things.

– I was attacked the ‘World’s Smallest Kite’. It is not a toy. It is a macro weapon.

– I keep seeing a man in the Meadows who balances on a tight rope while playing the violin. I can’t help but want to just ask him ‘Why?’ I mean surely, he could just play the violin not on a tight rope? Or just go home and have friends? I worry he has taken the understanding of ‘string instrument’ too far.

– My parents have only been in Edinburgh for 48 hours and have already had a bizarre incident whereby they called the police to investigate screaming and shouts for help that turned out to be a gay couple, er, indulging in certain activities, downstairs. Amazing.

– I don’t understand the difference between taglines and show titles. Idiot.

– I also can’t add up numbers.

– The above two points are both valid reasons as to why I probably shouldn’t help Farnan run the pub quiz anymore.

– The above point is rendered void by the fact that there may be no more pub quizzes this Fringe anyway.

That is it. Really have nothing for you people today. Why not write something yourself? Here’s a big blank space and you can draw a picture if you like or even write some words. Why not pretend to be me and write about my day? In fact, why not do that every day and then I won’t have to blog and can just think about not putting money into my savings account? HERE’S THE SPACE:

Drama students – don’t get too excited that you found it.

Das ist alles.

2 thoughts on “Fringe Day 20: Lazy Blog

  1. Another packed house again tonight, Tiernan?? No, I didn't think so. This Fringe must've surely told you all you need to know about your "career" – namely that you haven't got one.

  2. I don't know who this dick is above but clearly he has funny issues. As in he's not and hates anyone who is. Fuck off and do something useful with your life, like ending it.

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